Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Save The Children's Sustainaville Launches on PC, Mac and Mobile

I'm not sure if this is strictly indie, but I'm going to post it anyway.  It's for a good cause after all.

August 25, 2015---The highly anticipated, charity-driven game "Sustainaville" is now available for free download on Mac and iOS, giving players new insight into the world of aid and development. This follows the game's successful launch on Android and PC last month.

"Sustainaville" is the product of collaboration between Save the Children and Good Game Productions, giving players the opportunity to confront challenges similar to those faced by aid workers and the communities they help in the real world every day.

To download Sustainaville go to www.sustainaville.org where you can find links to the game, or visit one of the various app stores.

For the first time ever, players use a unique "fundraising platform" within the game to give funds directly to Save the Children and, in return, receive in-game currency and rewards like special characters.

Save the Children CEO Paul Ronalds said: "Sustainaville is an exciting new way for people to support Save the Children's work with the most vulnerable children around the world. Not only do players get an insight into the challenges our aid workers face every day, they can make a real difference to children's lives through in-game fundraising.

"Players are faced with a range of decisions to make and needs to prioritise, from providing food and healthcare for families so children can stay healthy and concentrate at school, to ensuring stable water supplies for communities and making sure those living in disaster-prone areas are well-prepared for natural hazards like earthquakes and cyclones." 

Save the Children works in more than 120 countries around the world, responding to emergencies and running long-term development programs for the most vulnerable children and their families.

"No game can adequately convey the challenges faced by children and families affected by poverty or disaster, or the effort and dedication embodied by Save the Children's aid workers," Mr. Ronalds said. "It is our hope that through Sustainaville, players will gain a better appreciation for some of these challenges and situations and, in their own way, work towards a better future for all children."

About Save the Children
With more than 90 years' experience, Save the Children is one of Australia's largest aid and development agencies dedicated to helping children.

About Good Game Productions
Founded in 2009 by Grantley Day, Good Game Productions is a developer of entertainment and edutainment titles for iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms, based in Melbourne, Australia. 

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