Thursday, 20 August 2015

New game released: "Masques and Murder!"

  • Compelling stat-juggling gameplay: do you train for tomorrow's event? Or try to impress that person? Or follow this week's fashion to blend in?
  • Anger system: make yourself angrier to train more effectively, but at a risk!
  • Diary system: warning you when social events are imminent!
  • Three endings and three difficulty settings for extra replayability.
  • Ten hilarious and witty "murder!" scenes.
  • Gorgeous art and music from the period.
  • Finely-crafted text in pseudo-Renaissance language, inspired by plays from the period.

Plot: Set in the Italian renaissance, you play a young woman seeking revenge. But you can't just kill the men responsible: you have to lull them into a false sense of security, impress them with your skills, and strike when they least expect it!

Gameplay: A stat-juggling RPG mixed with visual novels, but all the art and music is from the 16th/17th century so it has a pretty unique feel. It's turn-based.

Inspired by Long Live the Queen, you have to prioritise what to do each day: do you visit that villain to try to impress him? Do you work yourself up into a furious rage so your training will be more effective? But you have to attend a music recital tomorrow - maybe you should brush up your skills so you don't make a fool of yourself!

Download it here!

This game is a "pay what you want, if you want" release.  Available for PC, Mac and Linux.

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