Thursday, 20 August 2015

'Epic Showdown' On PC Features Mysterious Aliens Obsessed With TV Reality Shows!

Epic Showdown for PC by indie game developer Naloki is a fun arena-based combat game, where a species of mysterious aliens obsessed with reality TV-shows decides to host their very own event!

Epic Showdown is currently collecting votes via Greenlight on Steam™, and includes the very best of combatants from all dimensions in the universe, where participants are required to compete and survive in a battle to the death. With a host of inspiring and humorous characters such as Mrs Groundfire (ex-commando specialist), Sonny Rocochet Banani (mobster monkey), Boris Porkov (medieval pig-warrior) and Rotheart (an evil necromancer), the stage is set for some serious action-blasting fun. The arena will rock as you blast, cast and smash your opponents using the game’s impressive arsenal of powerful and deadly weapons. Can you claim the title as the best warrior ever?

Epic Showdown offers a single-player campaign in addition to multiplayer, 4vs4 and Co-Op modes. Each of the main characters in the game has unique weapons and skills, and randomly generated dungeons keeps you coming back for more!

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Key Features

  • 5 Challenging Battle Arena’s
  • 4 Unique Characters With Customized Weapons
  • 3rd Person Gameplay Perspective
  • Compelling Single-Player Campaign
  • Awesome Multiplayer, 4vs4 (PVP) & Co-Op Modes
  • Randomly Generated Environments
  • Survival Mod
  • Compatible With PC, Mac & Linux
  • Controller Support

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