Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Treasures of Arcania - Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns launched

 Treasures of Arcania is a 2D Sidescrolling RPG with Pixel Art graphics.

Hack, slash, explore, quest and craft your way across the beautiful world of Arcania as 1 of the 4 Gem Alignments (classes) - The Artisan, The Champion, The Mercenary or The Thaumaturge - each of which has an array of different abilities, equipment and more. 
With a strong focus on both combat and crafting, the need to craft all of your own equipment, at least 6 unique biomes to explore, and a packed quest log you should never find yourself without something to do in Arcania.

Every biome has it's own unique quest-line, set of mobs and loot, and music score to keep you busy and immersed. 
At the center of the world you will find The Core. This area is a huge cave system reaching all the way to the core of the planet and contains the most dangerous mobs and bosses - all of which must be defeated before progressing to the next area - but also the most lucrative and sought after loot!
Check out the newly-launched Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns!
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