Thursday, 2 July 2015

Late Last Nite: A free retro point-and-click adventure

It's a #pointandclick adventure game; it's retro, and it's free. 

Seriously, what's not to love?!  (Okay, apart from the misspelling of night... :-D)

Late Last Nite was created during the recent 14-day AdventureJam, and it was selected as one of three judge's picks when the competition ended. Version 1.2 represents our effort to cram all the content into the game that was initially sacrificed to meet the 14-day deadline.

Players will join our protagonist Morgan as she stumbles through a series of bizarre fantasy settings -- a mer-pirate lagoon, a junk food forest, and a steampunk vampire nightclub -- in search of three missing relics. Essentially, it's a surreal comedy that blurs the lines between reality and drunken fantasy.

Version 1.2 adds new characters, new puzzles, tons of new interactions, a remastered soundtrack, and improved animations.

Late Last Nite is available for free download (PC and Mac) at
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