Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Retro Cyberpunk Adventure Game V.Next Is More Like A TV Series Than Any Game Previously Released

SEATTLE, June 26th, 2015 – SyncBuildRun LLC has announced the launch of the Kickstarter of their first game on July 30th, 2015, a unique progressive episodic adventure called V.Next.

SyncBuildRun plans on releasing a new episode of the game each and every week, which means V.Nextwill play more like an interactive television series than any game yet released.

In the cyberpunk future of Seattle 2035, players take on the role of Vivienne Denue, a smart, tech-savvy female hacker. Players use multiple game modes to modify circuits, craft software, and hack the environment while helping Vivienne take revenge on corrupt corporations who are responsible for stealing her memories.

Everything new is old again in V.Next, from its deliberate low-rez graphics, a homage to its 80s and 90s cyberpunk sensibility found in novels like Neuromancer and Snow Crash, and its timely themes of privacy, surveillance, and especially diversity.

SyncBuildRun founder and CEO Paul Furio said, “Our first priority is creating great episodic entertainment. We also want to embrace a progressive and inclusive attitude, and tell stories that feature diverse leading characters who are often overlooked by popular media.”

V.Next is planned for release in Spring 2016, with eighteen episodes slotted to release weekly after the launch of the pilot episode. SyncBuildRun LLC plans on raising $120,000 to help them realize V.Next as an engaging, playable game that appeals to a wide variety of gamers seeking new and different gaming experiences.

V.Next will launch for the Mac and PC platforms, with iOS and Android versions to follow. In addition to Kickstarter, V.Next is currently undergoing voting on the Steam Greenlight Platform.

For more information about the V.Next Kickstarter campaign, including the game's teaser trailer, visit http://www.vnext-game.com/


SyncBuildRun LLC is an independent developer of desktop and mobile games. Video game industry veteran Paul Furio, who has shipped over two dozen game titles across various platforms for such companies as Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Amaze Entertainment, founded SyncBuildRun in 2014. Prior to this, Furio was a software development manager at Amazon.com.

V.Next is currently being developed for the PC and Mac platforms by a team of six artists, developers, writers, and musicians. Visit us online at http://www.syncbuildrun.com/

Blockadillo released for iOS devices

Arcade puzzle game Blockadillo has now been released for iOS,, available from iTunes.  (Cost $2.99)

"In Blockadillo you smash colored blocks with a furious, color changing Armadillo! The catch: The Armadillo moves the whole time up and down by itself and you can only steer it left and right.

Within the beautiful levels you will find blocks with lots of different abilities. Some of them change your color, other can only be moved if you have the same color and colored switches activate platforms and other mechanisms. Help the armadillo to find the lost idols and overcome deadly traps, deep chasms and bubbling lakes of lava. Discover ancient mechanisms and solve the riddle!" 

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Legacy of the Copper Skies on the Square Enix Collective

Legacy of the Copper Skies is a classic 2D action adventure game set in both the dark, industrial world of Grimstad and the lush, verdant Ebura. Players must take control of both Tir and Isen and use their unique gameplay mechanics to explore, solve puzzles, and fight in order to save their worlds from annihilation.

It’s a bit like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past if you played both Link and Zelda, mixed with a bit of Lost Vikings, and modernized. The three big features are:

·         Dual Playable Characters: Take control of two unique characters, each with their own abilities and play styles. Players will need to swap between these two playable characters in order to solve the puzzles, and fight their way through the worlds.
·         Learn to Co-operate: Beginning as separate, very different characters, Tir and Isen will learn to co-operate as you progress through the game. Once they do so, players can use this new found ability to rewind time, and play both characters at once.
·         Combine Your Abilities: Sometimes your own abilities aren’t enough. In those situations try pairing abilities together in clever ways to produce a stronger ability, or an entirely new gameplay mechanic.

Check out this game's Square Enix Collective page.  It's initially being developed for PC, with further platforms possibly following.   I absolutely love the retro visuals! :-)

Indie Game Sponsorship

I don't know how many indie games have gone down the sponsorship route - I remember playing a Czech Dynablasters clone that was sponsored by a beer company, which was a bit weird (but a good game! :-D) - but anyway, I've gone down the route with two of my titles (both still in production).  It's not exactly going to let me leave my job to work full-time on games - which would be ideal of course, but hardly likely.

Anyway, it seems to me that indie games and cryptocurrencies have quite a bit in common, so it's appropriate that they help each other out - with indie devs getting a bit of funding help, and the crypto devs getting wide exposure for their currencies.  In terms of online games, which is the main focus of these sponsorship deals (though the deals for my own games prove that the idea can go beyond online gaming), the crypto has value because it can be used as an in-game currency.

Two of the most important cryptos that focus specifically on gaming (perhaps the two most important) are HYPER and GoldPieces.  The former sponsors Troll Song, the latter Captain Disaster in Death Has a Million Stomping Boots.  Hopefully these partnerships will prove beneficial for both parties... we shall see.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Still No News On "2 Days to Vegas"

For some gamers who follow indie developers particularly closely, Steel Monkeys has been something of a mystery company for years now. The company website describes the group as having been founded in 2004 with offices in Minsk, Belarus, and Vancouver, though it is believed they also once had a base in London before ultimately closing up shop. The website also displays some quirky and intriguing steampunk-style graphics of the sort that make you wonder what a developer might be capable of—and yet, they really don't have a particularly noteworthy game to their credit. They did develop a few moderately popular games, the most recent example being the I,Gladiator app, but their biggest project to date is one that has yet to see the light of day: 2 Days To Vegas.

News first broke of this project years ago, and there was a time 2 Days To Vegas was a pretty eagerly anticipated title. This is probably because it was presented more or less as a competitor to Rockstar's indomitable Grand Theft Auto series. Referring back to the Steel Monkeys website, the game was described as a "story driven 3rd person action adventure game... crammed full of car chases, shootouts, and unexpected twists." The game was meant to take place over a 48-hour period spanning major cities across the U.S., as Vinny, recently released from prison in New York, journeyed to get his brother Tony out of trouble in Las Vegas. Basically, it sounded like an all-out cross-country gang war very much built in the style of a GTA game.

The game never got off the ground, though, and it's beginning to appear as if it may never do so. Lazy Gamer wrote an article back in 2013 examining what came of 2 Days To Vegas and even showed a screenshot from early production that was pretty impressive given the standards for gaming graphics in 2008, when the game was supposed to be released. The article did reveal that Steel Monkeys was still looking for beta testers for the game as late as 2012, which means they might still be working on the game. However, if that's the case, it's becoming an unusually stretched out production period.

Fans of the GTA series, however, are likely hoping that Steel Monkeys is indeed still working on a competitor. One fun way to think about the drawn out production is that between 2008 and present day, major American cities have gained new intrigue in popular entertainment, perhaps making them all the more interesting as potential stopping points on Vinny's cross-country journey to help his brother. After all, the only confirmed cities in a game that would reportedly "span major cities across the U.S." were New York and Las Vegas. So where else would Vinny go? Here are a few ideas that could be a lot of fun based on the last decade of pop culture and entertainment.

The first option that comes to mind is Atlantic City, which is a pretty logical stopping point for a gangster journey that begins in New York. The history of the town is described as having transitioned "from a troubled resort to a prosperous gambling mecca," now boasting a quality of casino gaming and entertainment that "can be likened to that of Sin City." Not a bad warm-up spot for a game called 2 Days To Vegas! Plus, in the last several years, the prohibition era gangster history of the town has been immortalized in the TV show Boardwalk Empire. It's not an accurate portrayal of modern Atlantic City, but it's a great backdrop for some gang action should this game ever come to life.

Speaking of TV influence, another ideal location for an exciting, crime-ridden action game spanning the U.S. is New Orleans, which could capitalize on the dark, mystical violence that captivated huge audiences in the first season of HBO's True Detective in 2014. Granted, the show had nothing to do with New Orleans specifically, but it had a great deal to do with the crime and atmosphere of Louisiana in general. With so many people having enjoyed the show, on top of the droves of people who are fascinated by New Orleans to begin with, the city would be a great spot to focus a chapter of the game.

Finally, there's Chicago. As it's essentially the only major U.S. metropolis in the midwest, it was likely always planned as a city to be featured along Vinny's route to Vegas. But lately, the city has gained even more attention than usual for its crime issues, given that prominent film director Spike Lee is releasing a film titled Chiraq(as in, a blend between Chicago and Iraq). Though it's said to be a musical comedy/drama, the film concerns violence on Chicago's infamous south side, and its impending release and inflammatory title have caused a fresh discussion about Chicago's problem with gun violence. The Daily Beast was even prompted, last year, to write an article titled, "How Chicago became 'Chiraq.'" These are serious matters, but should 2 Days To Vegas ever hit the shelves, extra attention on Chicago's violent history will make it all the more intriguing as a potentially featured city.

Unfortunately, this is all speculation at this point. There is no fresh news on 2 Days To Vegas, though Steel Monkeys is still active, and the lack of an official cancellation may be promising. In the meantime, other forms of entertainment have provided the developers with plenty of ideas for what to cram in between New York and Vegas!

This post was written by Aimee King for indiegamenews.com. Follow her on Twitter to check out her other articles. 

Missing Translation now available for Android devices

Monday June 22, 2015 - Missing Translation, developed by AlPixel Games is a game made in Spain by Luis Diaz Peralta and published by GamesBoosters for Android and iOS. 
It is a pixel art game with a very characteristic style, both for its bizarre characters and its careful design in black and white.
Set in a western post-modern world, we can choose between 2 characters (male and female) to solve over 100 puzzles that catch us in the game for hours. The various puzzles that are featured in Missing Translation will make us use our wits if we are to discover the end of this curious adventure
One of the greatest virtues of Missing Translation is that it includes an original language that we have to decipher in order to find the way home. These incredible challenges will hook us on to our devices for long time before we can decipher all the enigmas. 
Missing Translation has also been awarded many times, chosen Best Game of the Japan WeekendBest Original Idea in hoPLAY and 3rd place in the Big Indie Pitch. To top it off Missing Translation has 4 nominations in the 2015 Gamelab Awards including Best Game of the Year!!.
Missing Translation comes in June 23, 2015 to Android devices for just $3.40 and soon iOS and Steam.
Main Features:

  • Incredible design in Pixel Art
  • Graphics in black and white
  • More than 100 puzzles to solve
  • Decrypts an unique language
  • Available for Android and soon for iOS

Link to download the game in GamejoltMissing Translation

Link to download the game in ANDROIDMissing Translation

Unity Celebrates 10 Years at Unite Europe 2015

Unity today celebrated their 10 year anniversary and kicked off Unite Europe 2015 in Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek, with 1100 attendees from video games development attending to share ideas, learn best practices, and help each other create fantastic new video games.

CEO John Riccitiello opened Unite Europe 2015 to outline Unity’s three key guiding principles: democratize game development, solve hard problems, and help developers succeed. Unity EVP of Ads and Everyplay Jussi Laakkonen then discussed how Unity Ads is helping developers make revenue and drive user engagement and announced that Unity Ads would be integrated into the Unity engine with the release of 5.2 this autumn. Unity Analytics’ John Cheng also demonstrated how the massive amounts of data streaming into Unity analytics can be used to understand the greater market and will allow developers to make smart decisions.

As the presentation moved to the technology behind Unity, CTO Joachim Ante dived into The Blacksmith demo to show off its beautiful graphical features and announce that many of the assets from The Blacksmith are now available to use on the Asset Store. Additionally The Blacksmith runtime demo is now available for download. For more information on The Blacksmith project assets and demo visit:http://blogs.unity3d.com/2015/06/24/releasing-the-blacksmith/

Lucas Meijer continued with a rundown of the recent changes to Unity 5.1, showing off how the new Unity networking solution works, and discuss how the new features will make Unity the best tool for developing VR and AR experiences. Finally, Lucas also had the pleasure of announcing that Unity has now has a Public Roadmap. For more information on that roadmap, visit the blog to read about it.

Guest speaker, Mariina Hallikainen, CEO and co-founder of Colossal Order, took center stage to talk about how a team of 9 built a game – Cities Skylines – that directly challenged one of the most venerable franchises in PC gaming. Finally, David Helgason took a look back at the first 10 years since Unity 1 launched at WWDC in 2005 by introducing a special 10 year anniversary highlight reel showcasing games from the past, present and future.

You can view the full Unite Europe keynote here for all the details:

To view the Unity Europe 2015 Highlight Reel visit:

To view the 10 year anniversary retrospective reel visit:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQxLM2u-QY4

Flintlock Studios’ Stone Age fantasy RTS Lithic will ‘rock’ the way the genre is played.

In the beginning there was the Ix-Aan, a hive mind of reptilian humanoids. They expanded their territory, developing culture and religious practices. They worshipped The Creators, an ethereal race with the power to command the elements and manifest as mighty animal spirits. The Ix-Aan grew strong, arrogant that they had raised themselves so far above the other races; whilst others played in the dirt, the Ix-Aan had the ability to call on the Gods themselves. The elders of the Ix civilization came together to work a great ritual, one that would bring The Creators to the planet to rule as god-kings. The ritual was a success, but it caused the end of life as it was then known. The sheer energy released from the descent of The Creators destroyed the Ix-Aan, leaving none but a few mindless thralls wandering with no direction. Now is the time for the other races to shine, now is the age of Lithic.

In Lithic players will control a tribe of fantasy creatures, guiding them through a stone age to the point of civilisation. Players will face the challenge of tough environments, prehistoric creatures and the influence of magic within the game world. As well as an unconventional setting for a fantasy game, Lithic will also be set apart from other games of its kind through two unique systems that Flintlock Studios are implementing.
The first system focuses on the AI of the game. “We are big players of RTS games,” said Lead Developer Tom Stevenson. “We know that often it can turn into a micro-management sim with the player constantly having to worry about every small thing that is happening. The AI of Lithic is taking away a lot of that. The AI will make sure tribe members are eating and sleeping when they need to, meaning that the player can concentrate on the bigger tasks like combat or skill building.”
The second system focuses on the skills and tech-tree of Lithic “Unlike other RTS games, the skill and tech trees are not for the tribe as a whole” said Lead Designer Jon Hughes. “Each individual tribe member will have their own individual tech tree, and will have the ability to pass on their knowledge to other members of the tribe.”

These tech-trees play into the idea of Perma-Death, another concept that Flintlock Studios is very keen to explore in Lithic. “When a tribe member dies in Lithic, all the knowledge that the tribe member has dies with them.” Explained Jon. “So if they haven’t passed the skills on to others, that skill can end up being lost entirely, until someone discovers it again.” A death doesn’t mean the end of the game but it could set a tribe back a while. Depending on how long a tribe has existed for some lower end skills may be forgotten entirely as they evolve. “Think of this like how we are nowadays,” said Jon, “we know how to cook and shop but how many of us know how to hunt, gather and start a fire?” 
These two systems will certainly have an impact on decision that players will make when playing Lithic.  Not only that, Flintlock Studios have created a graphically beautiful game world for this to be set in. Made in Unity 5, Lithic is set to be one of the first games fully built in the engine. Add on top of this an immense amount of lore covering the development of the tribes and society before the game has even began and Lithic is a game that will certainly stand out from others of its kind.

Flintlock Studios and Lithic are currently on Kickstarter where they are looking to raise £10,000 to finish this current development phase of the game. The current phase of development will end with an Early Access release. You can find Lithic’s Kickstarter.

To keep up to date with the game you can follow Lithic on Twitter.

Monday, 22 June 2015

SUPER Run Away With Me - The side scrolling retro action platformer.

The hardcore retro tie-in game of the upcoming indie Sci-Fi film Run Away With Me. No ads, no in-app purchases, no mercy, ALL ACTION!

-A unique gameplay mechanic which combines the forgiving modern convention of regenerating health with the unforgiving time restrictions of yore. This results in a constant conflict between offensive and defensive play styles that change with every level. It's easy to get into, very difficult to master.
-9 blistering levels ripped straight out of the movie! Walk through dungeons, race through the desert, fly above a war zone and fight your way through a futuristic city that pierces the clouds.
-3 game modes. Side scrolling platform/shooting levels are broken up by a classic driving section simulating "Mode 7" graphics and a dogfighting level that lets you pilot using your device's accelerometer.
-A branching storyline with over 16 (mostly skippable, don't worry) cutscenes that leads to multiple endings. The story fills in the gaps and presents alternatives to what the movie shows you in a pseudo Japanese-English translated patois for maximum retro authenticity.
-Over 30 authentic Chiptune film soundtrack remixes and original songs. Lots of sampled speech and sound effects from the film all lovingly bitsmashed and degraded for old school cool.
-More than 20 enemy types that will try to stop you on your quest.
-Genuine retro graphics using hand pixellated frames and CG assets from the film overlaid with CRT scan lines for that elusive arcade experience (The irritating kid who offers to push the jump button for you is not provided).

The future. One of the last remaining cities on Earth. Abraham, a former soldier, has come out of prison for a crime he was forced to commit ten years earlier.   With no way of reclaiming the idyllic life he once led, he accepts work from a mysterious benefactor named Ingram.

Abraham is tasked with a dangerous mission to save humanity. Along the way he forms a relationship with Marja, a strikingly beautiful woman with a link to his past.  All is not what it seems as time runs out and Abraham questions where his loyalties lie.  The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Available from iTunes.

New adventure game release - Beyond Eternity episode 1

This is the debut release of an AGS developer going by the rather clever pseudonym of MyEakinBack, and debut adventure game releases always hold a special fascination for me - playing them always makes me wonder "will this developer be the next Dave Gilbert?".  Will they, like me, start off with a small game idea and keep going until it is preposterously humongous? 

Admittedly this one also interests me because I provided a voice for it. :-)  I think I'm allowed a little indulgence, at least I hope so.  Anyway this one hasn't had many downloads yet so I hope a few extra people will go and take a look at it now:

Professors are disappearing out of thin air from West College.

How long has this been happening? Where are the Professors going? Why do they not admit facts that others plainly see?

You explore West College to solve the mysterious professor disappearances. You must pay close attention to widely scattered clues. Along the way, you pick up scientific knowledge that uncovers many pieces of the mystery. Time and patience are needed to work through multiple challenging puzzles. Unraveling the evidence could be more important to the future of our Earth than you ever imagined.

  • Point and click adventure game (left click only)
  • Touch screen or mouse/keyboard
  • Non-linear puzzles
  • Two main characters to switch between
  • Voice acting
  • Approx. 6 hours of game play

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hjarta trailer

Yet another AGS-made game that I like the look of!  From he creator of "Skumring".

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Dustbowl receives major update

Retro post-apocalyptic adventure-RPG Dustbowl has received a major update, with more content and a larger map, in addition to being in the Steam Summer Sales at 20% off the normal price.

Check out the game's Steam page.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Indie Game Review - Regency Solitaire

Regency Solitaire by Grey Alien Games is basically a solitaire game with lots of variations on a theme, all set in the Regency period.  Basically, think of playing cards while occasionally flicking through a Jane Austen novel, and you've more or less got it.  It's a very chilled out game, nice and relaxing to play, with just enough challenge in Easy mode to make you occasionally wonder if you're going to just miss out on meeting all of the levels' challenges.  The graphics are beautifully drawn, whilst the music is suitable and has shades of Carl Davis' iconic score for the BBC mini-series adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (although on extended playing it feels a bit over-repetitive).

If you like card games and period romance, this one's a winner.  It's neither demanding nor complex, but it's very polished and presented with bucket-loads of charm.  Grey Alien Games are indie supremos of casual puzzle games, and Regency Solitaire is no exception.

The plot involves Bella, traditional Jane Austen style attractive and intelligent woman doomed by her family situation and threatened with wedlock to an odious neighbour, and her brother Edward, who has been busily ruining the family's finances.  There are quite a large number of levels with enough variety to stop you from feeling you're playing exactly the same game again and again.

The Story Goes On - Launches Today

The Story Goes On (PC) launches on Steam Early Access today, Thursday 11 June 2015.

The Story Goes On is an action-packed adventure game set in an endless maze known as the Odyssey.

Developed, by Texas based Scarecrow Arts, The Story Goes On is the teams debut game.  From a humble 8-bit style beat 'em up, the game has evolved in to the imaginative and intense game that it is today.

Launching on to Early Access, the game features:

Randomised adventure
The labyrinth is an ever-changing beast. Once you leave a room, you never know your next fate. Choose each direction carefully as you make your way through each new story.

Varied items
Not all the treasures of the maze belong to you, but if you are lucky, you may bump into an item or two on your adventure.

Intense boss levels
The Scar, a fierce band of thieves own the maze. Taking multiple forms (man, animal and monster), they guard their respective sector. Face-off against each one to take back the story.

Otherworld enemies
The creatures that dwell in the maze are things that are not of the human world. Make sure to be ever watchful of what's behind you, because the things that linger in the shadows could be your end!

Challenging environments
The environment can be used as your friend, or your enemy. The Odyssey has every environment you can imagine, so make sure to be prepared if you value your life!
Title: The Story Goes On
Players: Single Player
Platform: PC
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Publisher: Kiss Ltd
Developer: Scarecrow Arts
Release Date: Thursday 11 June 2015
SRP: $4.99, £3.99, 4,99€

Additional resources:
Official Website
Buy The Game

About the Early Access build
The Story Goes On is the latest in a line of hugely successful Early Access titles from Kiss Ltd, including Rising World and Project Nimbus.  The game already features a number of key gameplay mechanics, but the team is now looking to enhance all key game features using the help & support of the gaming community prior to a full launch.
About Kiss Ltd
Established in 2012, Kiss Ltd offers indie developers from the UK and around the world a 'Label' to publish their games on digital download stores such as Steam. Kiss provides all the contract and legal support; manages all tax issues; manages the catalogue; collects royalties and provides a full suite of marketing assistance. Most importantly, our development partners retain their IP rights.

About the developer
Based in Texas USA, Scarecrow Arts is a small indie dev studio, developing its first game ‘The Story Goes On. Starting life as a simple 8-bit, beat ‘em up, the game has evolved as the team has evolved. As new artists and musicians have joined, the graphics and the soundtrack took the game in a new direction, resulting in the game you are about to play – enjoy!
Lead Dev: http://www.youtube.com/MalcolmSith
Music Composition: http://www.youtube.com/PyrocityStudios

Do you feel LUCKY, punk?!?!

Well, do you?!?

Set in the Wild West where you can collect and use luck to aid you - with luck perfectly-aimed enemy bullets will sail harmlessly past you, while if your luck is low, the bridge you're walking across may decide to suddenly collapse!

Lucksinger is being developed by Duckbridge, a 2-man indie studio in the Netherlands, and will be released on Steam on 16th July 2015.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm - release date announced

After a successful IndieGoGo campaign and an additional year of development, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, a Street Fighter III-inspired fighting game passion project of three former SNK / King of Fighter developers, has been officially announced as launching on Steam for PC on 7th July 2015, priced $14.99.

Unity 5.1 Brings Unified Development Experience for VR platforms amongst other new features

Unity Technologies today announced that Unity 5.1 is now available to download. Extending Unity 5’s power, efficiency and multiplatform support: Unity 5.1 builds on two key Unity 5 strengths: industry-leading multiplatform support, and unmatched efficiency boosted in the cloud. Amongst other things, it brings a new unified development experience for VR platforms like Oculus Rift and an easy to use Unity Multiplayer networking solution.

Unity 5.1 brings a highly optimized rendering pipeline for VR and AR devices. Native Oculus Rift deployment is now available, and full native support for further platforms, including Microsoft Hololens and Gear VR will be added in the near future.

The first phase of Unity’s plan to make it significantly easier to make multiplayer games across a host of platforms is now a reality. Thanks to new APIs, all Unity developers can get deep access to the features they want, as well as a more automated solution that’s easy to use. Additionally, the Unity Multiplayer Service, including our Matchmaker and Relay Servers, is currently in preview.

To take a closer look at the Unity 5.1 blog post please visit: http://blogs.unity3d.com/?p=26524/

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Point-and-click adventure Armikrog gets new video and release date

This is one I know a lot of people are looking forward to...

Indie developer Pencil Test Studios and publisher Versus Evil today released a brand-new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Claymation game Armikrog in celebration of the announcement of the game’s August 18 release date.

Versus Evil today is also announcing that pre-ordering Armikrog between now and launch gets players a 10% discount on either the base game or the deluxe version, which features the soundtrack by composer Terry Scott Taylor. The game will be available on PC (Steam), Mac and Linux at launch.

Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure

"Auro introduces a whole new kind of gameplay: Bumping! What's that? Why, it's the tactical use of movement, magic spells, and straight-up bumping to kill monsters to gain points, and become a master Bumper! 

Set in an original fantasy universe, guide the brash, spoiled Prince Auro through procedurally generated dungeons, with only a handful of tactical spells - and your wits - to protect you. 

Face a variety of monsters, each with their own cool tactical abilities, and then when they least expect it - give 'em a healthy bump - STRAIGHT INTO THE DRINK! 

It's like Chess meets Smash Bros.! Or Rogue meets sumo wrestling!" 

The developers, Dinofarm Games, are currently looking for support for their game on Steam Greenlight (the game is already out on iOS and Android).  They are also running a Kickstarter Campaign for a massive expansion pack for the game.

• Procedurally generated maps meaning you'll never face the same challenge twice 
• PLAY MODE lets you build up your Rank over time, like an online matchmaking ladder! 
• Deep, interesting, and balanced system of gameplay - you can get better at Auro for years 
• Crazy emergent complexity! You'll constantly surprise yourself with what's possible 
• Nine unique spells that are the result of years of careful balance and testing 
• Quick, no-nonsense gameplay. 
• 10 Tutorial levels to show you the basics, plus 10 unlockable advanced Tutorials 
• Detailed stat-tracking on our RECORDS screen 
• A whole cast of colorful and interesting monsters who will give you somethin' to think about! 
• The entire game is made up of vibrant, hand-made and fully animated pixel art 
• An original thematic soundrack 
• Designed from the ground up for use on touchscreens 
• Comes with a tutorial, a web manual, a how-to-play gameplay video, and more ways to help you learn 
• From Dinofarm Games, the creators of the hit dungeon-crawler 100 Rogues 

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER Now Available on Steam

Supercharged Robot VULKAISER is a 70s giant robot anime-inspired side-scrolling shooter with bucketfuls of character from the creators of GIGANTIC ARMY and SATAZIUS. Pilot the giant robot VULKAISER and work with your VulFighter team mates to defend the Earth from the invading Gogoh Army!

★ 6 stages of 70s giant robot anime-inspired side-scrolling shooting! 
★ COMBINE the VulFighter craft and harness the power of Rocket KAISER, Needle KAISER, Thunder KAISER, and Drill KAISER!
★ 4 difficulty levels to cater to Earth defense newbies and veteran heroes!
★ 34 achievements to liberate!
★ Online leaderboards to dominate!
★ Steam trading cards to collect!

Title: Supercharged Robot VULKAISER
Genre: 70s Giant Robot Anime Throwback 2D Mech Shooting
Developer: ASTRO PORT
Localized and Published by: Nyu Media Ltd
Platforms: Windows, Linux
Price: $4.99 / £3.99 / €4.99
Homepage: http://VULKAISER.com