Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Level is your weapon in this endless Nightmare: Teddy Terror!

There's something weird about a game that features a little boy and his teddy bear, with teddy in the game's title, in a game that doesn't look family-friendly.  Anyway, here's what the dev says about his own game:

Teddy Terror is a 2D horror survival with a challenging passive-aggressive gameplay where using your environment is crucial for survival.
In Teddy Terror you take on the role of a little boy with his Teddy bear who wakes up in a nightmare.

With your surroundings as your weapon your goal is to survive the nightmare by facing horrifying bosses and unimaginable abominations! 

Lure terrifying monsters into deadly traps, find powerful toys to aid you, collect candy, become stronger and face the Nightmare holding your Teddy bear! 

The game has several Roguelike elements such as dungeons with total randomization(levels, items , monsters) and perma-death.

There are also several difficulties,challenges, achievements and gigantic Boss monsters to face in this never ending nightmare.

If this game looks interesting to you, head over to the Steam Greenlight page.
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