Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Introducing - a place for indiedevs to collaborate

I saw the announcement of this site today, and got in touch with its creator to find out a bit more about this site which describes itself thus:

Ludust is a place for game creation. It is for anyone involved in any part of a games creation. It is a place where you can meet connections, find projects to be part of... or even manage your own.

So here's what Nick, the site's creator, says about it:

"The idea of the site it simple - it is to connect people that are involved in any part of the game making process. They can then work together using a variety of tools such as a team forum, chat stream, wiki, upload area and public blog.

If you have an idea for a game then this is the place for you. Create a project, advertise what positions you need and either wait for enquiries or search for people with the skills you are after and get in touch with them. If you are looking for a project to join then it is even easier. Sign up, fill in your profile and apply for projects. You will often find projects will get in touch with you, if you fill in your profile fully.

I launched the site about two weeks ago, but the idea for the site had been growing like a seed in my mind for the last year or so. I am a web developer by trade but I have always had an interest in creating games and it was something I had been getting back into recently. As such I browsed many forums to do with indie game development, programming languages and game making software. They nearly all had their own forum dedicated to recruiting a team. It struck me that using their own forum for members to find people with other skill sets had a flaw - why would a musician be on the forum of a particular game making program, an artist on a c# forum or a voice actor on an indie game site. How would these people even know about those forums? Sure, some would - but not many, certainly not the majority.

It raised the question of why there wasn't a place they all went to to find a team to work with. A place where they could communicate and work together. That is where the idea for Ludust was conceived. The name, Ludust, came from the Latin word "ludus" which means both play and work, and like all good names it needed a "t" added so that I could find an available domain name.

I plan on working closely with the Ludust community to improve it and make it as useful as tool as possible for the game making community. Immediate plans are to add improved functionally for project management and to allow studios to sign up. I think it would be an ideal place for small studios to find new members, promote projects and work with other studios. Oh and promotion - I am really trying to get the word out there right now!"

Want to create a team?  Join a team?  Complete your team with that last elusive member?

Be sure to check out!

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