Thursday, 30 April 2015

Jelly Dreams released for PC, Mac and Linux

Jelly Dreams, set in a dream world and inspired by Sokoban, has now been released.

In the plot, Nino always wants jelly for his dessert, much more than his mother feels to be healthy. Well, Nino couldn’t get all jelly he wants, but as he sleeps, the boy is transported to a world of dreams, where is free to enjoy his favorite treat. But for that, you need to solve fun puzzles by adding jelly cubes of the same color. 

Created by startup Firecast Studio, Jelly Dreams was developed in Unity 3D platform and has 80 levels of puzzles, 3 themed packages to play (Forest Magic, Treasure Island and the Old West), 7 costumes for download (pajamas, pirate, cowboy, astronaut, soldier, superhero and dinosaur) and over 40 achievements. The game is not the only version of Sokoban, but differs by the attractive look and the thematic richness.


- Gorgeous and colorful graphics in toony style;
- 80 challenging puzzles to test your brain;
- 3 different scenarios to play;
- 7 awesome costumes available to use;
- 40 achievements to unlock;
- original soundtrack.

Jelly Dreams is available for PC, Mac or Linux from Desura and SplitPlay.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Remnants of Isolation Launches on Steam May 1st

April 28th2015 —Team Isolation’s grand prize winning Remnants of Isolation, which took home the big Indie Game Maker award in 2014, is finally ready for its official debut! Remnants of Isolation is a traditional JRPG which turns the idea of magic on its head. In a world where magic is a curse, a plague, and those who can use it are cast into a castle locked in another dimension, two young magic users will attempt to find freedom in a world that seeks to destroy them.

Remnants of Isolation features a unique spell fusion system that makes combat dynamic, and rewards experimentation with a charging mana system that rewards tactical timing. With multiple endings and memorable characters, Remnants of Isolation will leave you breathless.

This release of Remnants of Isolation features massive improvements to the graphics, sound, and music over their award winning contest entry nine months ago. New backstory has also been added to give better insight into the castle and its inhabitant.

Discover why it beat out over 800 other games to claim the title. 

Machine Made: Rebirth - Kickstarter Launched

Check out the Kickstarter campaign of this PC RPG, which we previewed last week.  It's just launched so has 59 days to go at the time of this post and has a very modest funding target.  I'm expecting stretch goals to be announced fairly soon!

Here's some basic info on the game:

Machine Made consists of exploration and crafting, dialogue and adventure and combat and puzzle sections.
During exploration and crafting sections, the player will search the environment for items, upgrades and key story elements, while having the option to craft new equipment or augment the items and equipment that they've found.
During the dialogue and adventure segments, the player will participate in character dialogue, discover story elements, and make important choices that will effect how the events in the story unfold.
The combat system is divided into three tiers -- 1 on 1 duels, party combat and large-scale combat. During duels, a single party member will face-off with an enemy in a rock-paper-scissors style mini-game to determine the result of a conflict. Party combat will take a similar form to the familiar side-view battles from classic SNES RPGs, and large-scale combat will resemble a Turn Based Strategy game, wherein large groups of party members and enemies will take individual turns moving about a playing field and selecting actions.

Preview: Subterrestrial

Mysterious kidnappings have begun in the town of Neria, and deep within the heart of its forest, lies an underground city where a grand scheme of godlike proportion threatens to obliterate an entire region!

Subterrestrial is a platformer with a Dark Souls type leveling system. You star as Ozma the Fox Demon along with his friend Ry, the Magic Swordsman as the last line of defense Neria has.


-Classic platforming an RPG mechanics
-An arsenal of moves to learn throughout the game
-Interactive Town and NPCs
-Giant Boss Fights
-Original art, voice acting, and JRPG style music

Kickstarter coming 15th May 2015!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mobile best-seller "Armadillo Gold Rush" debuts May 7 for iPhone/iPad (arcade puzzler from Indie Fund partner AppAbove Games)

Life's tough when you're an armadillo who can roll but can't stop -- especially when you're trying to strike it rich in the Wild West! See for yourself on May 7th when Armadillo Gold Rush makes its App Store debut as a $2.99 premium game with no in-app purchases.

In this clever arcade puzzler, you must position your armadillo to roll over all the gold while avoiding deadly obstacles and enemies. To win all 75+ levels, you'll need to get clever with bombs, blocks, tunnels, one-way doors, rockets, switches, fans, and most of all your brain!

It may be brand new to the App Store, but Armadillo Gold Rush has a 10+ year legacy as a best-selling mobile game, particularly in Latin America. Its runaway success established AppAbove Games as a leading indie developer of mobile and smart phone games and enabled them to help form Indie Fund in 2010.

Armadillo Gold Rush's new iOS version brings colorful high-res graphics, easy-to-learn touch controls, and high-quality music, sound, and animation to the classic puzzle gameplay that made the original so popular. Other enhancements include 5 leaderboards, 40+ achievements, a built-in star system to encourage replay, and an improved scoring system with coin combos.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat Extended Play: the innovative Audiogame for blind players

Inquisitor’s Heartbeat is an innovative Audiogame which doesn’t discriminate blind and sighted users, and the developers Rising Pixel are going to release a brand new Extended Version next June.

The title was positively praised by the critics, as it manages to offer a full experience to anyone. We didn’t adjust the game to make it accessible, but it was specifically designed for blind users: only audio feedbacks can help you to mind your surroundings. 

The Extended Play (EP) version is the result of everything we learned thanks to all the suggestions and feedbacks received from our players. We decided to take all this data to enhance the whole game experience for everyone. Here’s a list for you:
  • enhanced player > environment interaction
  • More game mechanics, maps and dialogues
  • You wanted to fight. So bad. Now you can!
  • enhanced social experience with Online score charts and social network sharing
  • enhanced accessibility for sighted users (new menu design and graphics)

Inquisitor's Heartbeat EP will be released during 2015 for Windows Phone, iOS, Pc and Mac.

Friday, 24 April 2015

RPG Maker 2003, First Time in English and on Steam!

RPG Maker 2003 Now Officially Available on Steam in English
Do you have an interest in retro RPGs? Have you ever wanted to create your own?
April 24th2015 - The much-anticipated official release of RPG Maker 2003, one of the most celebrated role-playing game development engines ever, is finally here! This staple of the RPG Maker series requires no programming knowledge and is highly affordable, allowing virtually anyone to create their ideal RPG for both commercial and noncommercial use. Find out more information on Steam at or on the RPG Maker website at

RPG Maker 2003 revolutionized the series last decade by incorporating a sideview battle system similar to the classic RPGs of the 1990s. Combined with a charming 16-bit visual presentation and a straightforward user interface, RPG Maker 2003 has been on the wishlist of many retro RPG enthusiasts for years. Hundreds of aspiring game developers have petitioned for its official release, which has finally arrived.
Sharing a game with friends is easy: developers simply have to use the built-in exporter, which creates an easily transferable .exe file. Plus, games made with RPG Maker 2003 can be sold as long as the creator holds the appropriate rights and permissions!

RPG Maker 2003 released on April 24th and is available on Steam for only $19.99, making it the most affordable engine in the series available in English. Unleash your passion for retro RPGs and forge your dream game with RPG Maker 2003! Find out more on Steam at or on the RPG Maker website at

Now on Kickstarter: “The Intergalactic Trashman”

I posted about this game a few days ago, and it's now on Kickstarter.  Check out the Kickstarter Campaign - and also the trailer below.  Gotta love that wibbly-wobbly music! :-D  The devs are also looking for support on Steam Greenlight.

Finnish Game Industry Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary in Awarding the Best Talent in the Industry – Legend of Grimrock Captures the Game of the Year Award

Helsinki, Finland – April 22nd, 2015 – On April 21st the Finnish game industry celebrated its 20th anniversary in a gala evening held in Helsinki. The Finnish Game Awards gathered together over 250 of Finland’s top game industry influencers from studios all over the country. The thriving Finnish games industry, which currently employs 2500 people in 260 active game developer studios all over Finland, also joined national politicians in the celebrations on Tuesday evening.

“In these twenty years, and especially during the last few, we have seen a huge transformation and growth in the Finnish game industry,” Koopee Hiltunen, Director of Neogames Finland Association, Finnish non-profit game industry organization, explains. “I’m extremely happy to see this enthusiastic attitude and so many new talented players continuously emerging in the market.”

The Finnish Game Awards gala was organized by the Finnish game developer studios association and Neogames Finland association. In addition to the traditional Game Awards (best Finnish Game, best Finnish Big Screen Game, best Finnish Mobile Game), the organizers also awarded the Rookie of the Year 2014, Sensation of the Year and Power Player of the Year 2014 in Finland. Sponsors of the gala evening include Colossal Order, Rovio Entertainment, RedLynx and Supercell, among many others.

“We feel it is important to award the best developers yearly and bring people together to celebrate the industry,” says Elina Arponen, Chairman of the board of the Finnish game developer studios association.

“It was exciting to celebrate together with so many fellow game developers. Finland is a great country to develop games in”, Damien Morello, Senior programmer from game studio Colossal Order says. “Finnish game studios openly share information on their games and help each other as much as they can in all issues related to the games business – I’ve never seen anything quite as open as this in any other industry that I’ve worked in before.”

A photo stream of the gala can be seen at


Best Finnish Game of the Year 2014: Legend of Grimrock 2.
The second part continues in the footsteps of the first part, as the Legend of Grimrock (1) was selected as the Best Finnish Game of the Year in 2012.

Rookie of the Year 2014: Seriously, Ltd. 
Seriously Entertainment was founded in 2013 and has, since it’s beginning, already secured investments worth over $10 million and published its successful mobile title Best Fiends, launched in 2014. Seriously is a great example of the so called ‘second round’ studios, which further strengthen the Finnish game industry.

Power Player of the Year 2014: Juho Kuorikoski.
Juho Kuorikoski’s book "Finnish Video games: A History and Catalog" contains the history of the Finnish game industry, presenting over 600 games and history. The publication is available in Finnish and in English and will be available internationally in the Amazon store in August

Best Big Screen Game of the Year 2014: Legend of Grimrock 2 by Almost Human
The predecessor was already a notable success and the second part follows the same path with remarkable sales and reviews. The old school dungeons and dragons seem to have a lot of appeal.

Best Small Screen Game of the Year 2014: Best Fiends by Seriously
Best Fiends is Seriously’s first-ever published game, which became a major success. The game is a visual and addictive adventure game suitable for everyone, and it has been designed as an extensive entertainment brand from the beginning, similarly to Angry Birds.

Sensation of the Year 2014: Finnish Game Jam association
The roots of the Finnish game industry are deep down in the early game enthusiast scene and in people to whom developing games has first been a hobby and later a profession. The Finnish Game Jam has arranged industry meet-ups since 2010 and the year 2014 was a record-breaking year in terms of the number of participants and event venues around Finland. The active scene and events are essential for the industry development and it is necessary to support the activities in all ways possible.

The Game Industry of Finland – Report 2014 by Neogames:

Fantasy Epic "Steve Jackson's Sorcery!" Returns to iOS and Android with "Sorcery! 3"

CAMBRIDGE, U.K. - April 23, 2015 - inkle, developers of the award-winning mobile game 80 Days, have released Sorcery! 3 for iPhone/iPad and Android. Spun off from the popular Steve Jackson's Sorcery! gamebooks of the 1980s, Sorcery! 3 sends you on a challenging quest with a massively branching storyline that literally writes itself around your choices. This highly flexible interactive narrative can be enjoyed fresh as a standalone adventure, or as a continuation of previous Sorcery! installments with the consequences of past choices woven into the story.
From its masterful writing, whimsical hand-drawn illustrations, and rich soundtrack to its turn-based combat, magic spells, and optional dice mini-game, Sorcery! 3 takes this acclaimed series' most-loved elements to an exciting new level. The city of KharĂ© is at your back and the Crown of Kings drives you forward, but with rations dwindling and seven deadly serpents stalking you across the cursed wasteland of Kakhabad, your hero's success has never been less certain. Every choice comes at a price and many will impact Sorcery!'s climactic final chapter, The Crown of Kings -- that is, if you survive to reach it.
Sorcery! 3's design has been influenced by inkle's smash hit 80 Days, with a massive open world to explore and a dynamic day/night cycle that marks the nonstop passage of time. Fluid travel between two distinct time periods sets up a layered narrative with hidden storylines to uncover across two complete world maps. Plus the ability to rewind at will and replay to discover new story branches and endings makesSorcery! 3 a vast, non-linear experience packed with far more than a book's worth of high fantasy adventure.
"Rich, interactive storytelling is a hugely underdeveloped area in video games, one we believe has strong potential to shape the medium," says inkle's development director Joseph Humfrey. "To this end we've used each Sorcery! installment to try new ideas, and Part 3 is no exception. Exploring this open world leaves a trail of narrative breadcrumbs that creates a story unique to you. With so many choices to make and paths to pursue, the adventure will be surprising and fresh for longtime Sorcery! fans as well as for those trying it out for the first time."
Sorcery! 3 sells for $4.99 / £3.99 (or equivalent in local currency) on the App Store and Google Play:
Learn more about Steve Jackson's Sorcery! on the official website.

About inkle
inkle is a game studio that specializes in interactive narrative. Founded in Cambridge UK by Joseph Humfrey and Jon Ingold, their Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series has sold over 300,000 copies to date, and was called "Some of 2013's best interactive storytelling" by IGN. Their steampunk reimagining of Jules Verne, 80 Days, received numerous honors including TIME's Game of the Year 2014, the Independent Game Festival award for Excellence in Narrative, and four BAFTA nominations. Their free inklewriter website for creating flexible narratives has been featured on GamasutraGame Informer and PC Gamer, and was used by Stoic Studio in creating The Banner Saga. Learn more at
About Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson is co-founder with Ian Livingstone of the massively successful UK chain Games Workshop, and co-creator of the Fighting Fantasy series that sold over 25 million copies in 27 countries worldwide. He also co-founded Lionhead Studios with Peter Molyneux, and is now Professor of Game Design at Brunel University.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 is here!

For those who have been waiting for Positech's latest opus Gratuitous Space Battles 2, the wait is over!

Beta version of graphics engine "Glue Engine" released

MadSkin Studios has the pleasure to announce the release of the BETA version of Glue Engine.

"Our team worked hard on this project and we rely on your comments and help for fixing any bugs that may exist at this moment.

Glue Engine is dedicated to both professional and casual developers, and on regular users, that never created a game before.

Let Glue Engine, create the game from your imagination  and give us your feedback, to improve our product and create a better game for you and make money from it.

Glue Engine helps you to create games very quick. No programming skills needed.

No lightmapping calculations the graphics are rendered instantly just one click and the executable will be created with all the levels and elements necessary for the game.

Glue Engine has the easiest editor layout designed especially for developers and regular users that really want to focus on the game mechanics and not dealing with complicated engine design. The main buttons that lets you create the game are in front of the layout and the rest in Tools Section!

Glue Engine marks the beginning of a new era where gamers across the world can expect the best from us."

Glue Engine will reinvent the Game Development Industry.

VOTE this product to get on Steam:

BETA Download:

Video Tutorials



Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Introducing - a place for indiedevs to collaborate

I saw the announcement of this site today, and got in touch with its creator to find out a bit more about this site which describes itself thus:

Ludust is a place for game creation. It is for anyone involved in any part of a games creation. It is a place where you can meet connections, find projects to be part of... or even manage your own.

So here's what Nick, the site's creator, says about it:

"The idea of the site it simple - it is to connect people that are involved in any part of the game making process. They can then work together using a variety of tools such as a team forum, chat stream, wiki, upload area and public blog.

If you have an idea for a game then this is the place for you. Create a project, advertise what positions you need and either wait for enquiries or search for people with the skills you are after and get in touch with them. If you are looking for a project to join then it is even easier. Sign up, fill in your profile and apply for projects. You will often find projects will get in touch with you, if you fill in your profile fully.

I launched the site about two weeks ago, but the idea for the site had been growing like a seed in my mind for the last year or so. I am a web developer by trade but I have always had an interest in creating games and it was something I had been getting back into recently. As such I browsed many forums to do with indie game development, programming languages and game making software. They nearly all had their own forum dedicated to recruiting a team. It struck me that using their own forum for members to find people with other skill sets had a flaw - why would a musician be on the forum of a particular game making program, an artist on a c# forum or a voice actor on an indie game site. How would these people even know about those forums? Sure, some would - but not many, certainly not the majority.

It raised the question of why there wasn't a place they all went to to find a team to work with. A place where they could communicate and work together. That is where the idea for Ludust was conceived. The name, Ludust, came from the Latin word "ludus" which means both play and work, and like all good names it needed a "t" added so that I could find an available domain name.

I plan on working closely with the Ludust community to improve it and make it as useful as tool as possible for the game making community. Immediate plans are to add improved functionally for project management and to allow studios to sign up. I think it would be an ideal place for small studios to find new members, promote projects and work with other studios. Oh and promotion - I am really trying to get the word out there right now!"

Want to create a team?  Join a team?  Complete your team with that last elusive member?

Be sure to check out!

Baru and the Spirit Prince: Interactive Toys

"Summon toy heroes into Tingly's video games with your smartphone to defeat villains and solve puzzles!"
This is a new one (at least to me) - the Kickstarter isn't for the game itself, but for the production of "interactive toys" to be used with the game.  (The prototypes in the photo below were 3D-printed and hand-painted.)

'Baru and the Spirit Prince' is the first of twelve episode in the video game series 'Baru'. The first episode was launched on Christmas 2014.
Ages: 6+
Playtime: 2-3 hours, repeatable
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Language: English, Korean

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign - at time of posting, 28 days to go.

Kickstarter Funded Indie Game Documentary Out Now

GameLoading Gives Intimate Look at the Explosion of Indie Game Development

Now available via Steam, iTunes, Xbox, Sony Playstation Network, Humble Store and More

Melbourne, April 21st, 2015 - Released today through Steam and, feature-length documentary GameLoading: Rise of the Indies explores the spirited global community of independent ('indie') game creators that has exploded in the last few years.

In the spirit of movements like the French New Wave, Punk and Grunge, hundreds of independent game auteurs are emerging with their own unique voices and artistic visions. Independent games include a breadth of cultural issues-morality, gender identity, narrative choice, family and humor- that are broadening the types of experience a game can offer. GameLoading captures this unique moment in time as independent games development blew up from an underground scene into a powerful and disruptive force.

Australian filmmakers Lester and Anna spent three years travelling to 10 countries, couchsurfing and filming leading players within the indie game scene. The resulting documentary,GameLoading, gives an intimate and honest portrait of a diverse group of game makers as they seek to create new experiences and find a place within this evolving art form.

Producer Lester Francois described capturing this moment in the independent games movement as "catching lightning in a bottle", explaining that "...The film is not a retrospective like most documentaries about subcultures - it's a snapshot of what is happening now".  Mark Serrels, Editor of Kotaku Australia urged viewers " are going to want to see this film."

Notable industry leaders and developers interviewed include John Romero (Doom, Quake), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Rami Ismail (studio Vlambeer) and Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest).

International documentary GameLoading is localised in 12 languages and will be digitally distributed via SteamiTunes, Xbox Video, Playstation Network, The Humble Store, VHX and Playism in addition to global screening events. GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is available for purchase online now at Please visit here for current information on upcoming screening dates and locations. Further information about arranging a screening in your area can be found here. A limited collection of DVD and Blu-ray copies will be available for sale at from May 2015.


Website -
Release Trailer -
Available to purchase from:
All other platforms:

About StudioBento

StudioBento is a digital studio in Melbourne, Australia that specialises in film and video productions. Projects include TVCs, documentaries, interstitials, web-series, hype reels and branded content that are distributed across TV, Internet, DVD, Smart Phones and Cinema.
StudioBento is managed by producer Lester Francois who has a background in narrative and factual entertainment. For more information please visit

Kickstarter “The Intergalactic Trashman” - 2D platformer and space exploration game.

Upcoming Kickstarter:
The Intergalactic Trashman
Developed by the Spanish team GloveCat Studio, The Intergalactic Trashman (Windows/Linux/OSX) is trying to reach its US $35,000 funding goal that it needs to be completed.
The Intergalactic Trashman mixes a 2D platform game with a space exploration one. This combination of different game mechanics is its strong point: The game achieves a ‘sandbox’ vibe in a 2D game, a sensation of continuity, cohesion and hugeness.
The game tells Kepler's journey through the space after he finds his friend and mentor, Goyold, seriously injured. He was investigating one mysterious factory when he was attacked.
Kepler will continue Goyold’s investigation, looking for factories throughout the galaxy to unravel the mystery, and he will find himself involved in a conspiracy of epic proportions.
The storytelling is the spine of The Intergalactic Trashman: GloveCat’s objective is a story driven game and not a shooter with a weak plot that serves as an excuse for killing everything in your way.

This Kickstarter campaign will provide a detailed description of The Intergalactic Trashman, its developers will send regular updates to their backers that will explain most widely some parts of the game, the development process, etc.  

Rewards will include, among other things, Alpha and Beta game download with access to the private development forum, to participate in the development process designing a boss and a planet, or including the name of the backer or his portrait in the game; a complete artbook with sketches and notes about the development process, or exclusive items and skins.

More news soon!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Preview - Machine Made

Just to whet your appetite in anticipation of the game's Kickstarter, which is due to start next week (of course we will bring you news of that when it happens!):

"Machine Made is a Turn-based RPG, with Puzzle & Adventure elements and a focus on Collecting and Crafting that allows for a high degree of character customization and a deep level of strategic thinking. The story takes place in a beautifully crafted Steampunk world with Fantasy/Sci-fi influences that will capture your imagination."

Machine Made will feature 20+ hours of gameplay (with several optional side-quests in addition to the main quest), a deep RPG experience and a compelling storyline.  

This is the work of Lead Developer Ryan Ferris and his team, and clearly a labour of love inspired by a passion for the classic RPGs of the past.  When the game is released it will retail at around $7.99-$9.99, but for Kickstarter backers the minimum pledge to get yourself a copy of this game will be much cheaper (I've seen the provisional reward tiers, but I won't publish them in case they change for the final Kickstarter launch).  The game also promises hours of music and high quality voice acting.

The funding target will be modest, with stretch goals to improve different areas of the game.  While you wait for the Kickstarter campaign, you can also check out the Development Page and IndieDB Page for more information about the project.