Monday, 2 March 2015

“Trouble With Robots” released for Android

What if Magic: The Gathering met Plants vs Zombies? What, you don't like any of them?

Hmm… what if centaurs, elves and dwarves fought together in an epic battle against ROBOTS? Everybody loves smashing robots, right?

Art Castle and are proud to announce that Trouble With Robots is now available on Google Play. Trouble With Robots incorporates elements from both the real-time strategy and collectible card game genres, and will likely draw comparisons to popular video games and tabletop games such as Ironclad Tactics, Plants vs Zombies, Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic: The Gathering. The beginning of each stage allows players to customize their deck using cards they’ve earned, in order to defeat the robot invaders of the Voldetron’s army.

Watch the trailer here to see the gameplay in action.

• 26 Storyline & 6 Very Difficult Challenge Levels: Work your way through the adventure.
Over 40 Cards: Use creature summon, healing, strengthening, and direct damage spells.
Tons of Replay Value: Unlock levels and modes to reap the rewards!
Help free a fantasy land from the robot invaders of “The League of the Thousand Planets or so!” Epic fights, talking horses, syndicalist peasants!  What more could you want?

The first chapter of Trouble With Robots is free on Google Play (and also the iOS App Store), and chapters 2 and 3 have a cost of $2.99 (USD) each (and can be purchased in a bundle for even cheaper). That’s all: no annoying in-app purchases, no need to trade money for magic boosts. Just use your skill and cunning to beat the challenges!

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