Monday, 16 February 2015

It was the match... it was the monster match...

A new indie studio - Soggy Monster -  born from some large studios shutting down in Brighton, UK, has released its debut title -Matchy Matchy.  

Matchy Matchy is a free to play Match-3 game with no ongoing in app purchases.  The devs have taken inspiration from classics such as Bejewelled, while aiming to still bring a completely fresh take on this very saturated genre.

"Set on a planet inhabited by impossibly cute creatures - the game takes place across seven unique worlds, as the inhabitants celebrate the annual “Festival of Matchy Matchy”. Each world contains unique game play variations. A mission system distributed across each world transforms and extends the gameplay in challenging and unique ways. We believe we have produced a game where matching is both relaxing and exciting. There exists a visceral happiness in working through each level - combined with truly revolutionary graphical advancements unseen in a game of this type, Matchy Matchy truly represents “The Joy of Matching!” Recent trends in Match-3 games have focused on increasing complexity, or introduced psychological tricks to maximise profit. Matchy Matchy deliberately looks back to the golden age of Match-3 games, we take our inspiration from classics such as Bejeweled. The aim of Matchy Matchy is to provide the player with an immersive but challenging portable gaming experience. There is also a dark secret to be uncovered. But thats a secret."

Matchy Match is currently out for:

  •  iOS Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • Android

 With a Windows Phone version planned.

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