Thursday, 5 February 2015

Iceberg Interactive to Publish Space Combat Title ‘CERES’

The Fight for Ultimate Survival in Space to burst out in Q2-2015

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 04 February 2015 –Renowned for its prestige collection of space games, publisher Iceberg Interactive announces it has signed yet another promising title, tactical space combat game Ceres (PC) from Iceland-based developer Jötunn Games. The game is set for a Q2-2015 release on digital platforms and boxed in retail stores.

In a world where humans, monsters and machine-gods fight for survival, you play the role of a young adventurer, who just got his hands on his first spaceship, and is determined to make a name for himself. Build up a squadron, fight in space against pirates, warships, mythical monsters. Negotiate, trade, loot everything you can get your hands on and ultimately find out the reasons behind what happened to planet Earth - that is,IF you survive, for the universe turns out to be a very hazardous place.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: ”Over the past year, Ceres has already garnered a strong reputation on IndieDB, and with our guidance and sci-fi games expertise added to the mix, we are confident we will take this indie gem to the next level and aim to exceed gamers’ expectations! If you like sci-fi games this should definitely be on your radar for mid-2015.”
Jötunn Games CEO Tryggvi Hákonarson says: "This game has been in the works on and off for about four years now and has changed quite a lot since its humble beginnings as a Homeworld clone.  It’s been a struggle but a fun struggle nonetheless and receiving positive feedback from the community has been very encouraging so far. If you’re into rather hectic space combat with lots to micromanage, then this game is for you."

More information about Ceres can be found on the official game website

About Ceres
Ceres is a cyber-tactical space combat game, where you lead a squadron of ships in an exploration and battle-filled single-player campaign. Inspired by Homeworld, Elite, and Paradroid, it features thorough ship customization, advanced cyber-warfare and elaborate space combat. Command your ships in a rich 3D environment, manage your crew and artificial intelligences, mine, explore, and trade your way through multiple missions – while keeping clear of alien monsters, rogue machines, and dangerous trans-human mutants.

Ceres Features Include:
  • Single-player tactical space combat.
  • Lead a squadron of ships and fight through a mission-drive storyline the way you see fit.
  • Third person view and simple yet deep point-and-click order system.
  • Ships not only unleash deadly lasers or missiles, but their on-board artificial intelligences also fight in cyber-space. It is possible to launch hacking attacks to damage or even take control of enemy ships.
  • Manage your set of skills as you gain experience. Special perks also appear when you perform well.
  • Hire captains and crews for your squadron’s ships. Watch them gain experience as they fight by your side.
  • Heavily customize your ships with equipment or weapons of different origins. Modify ship’s modules, armor, weapons, sensors or counter-measures.
  • Dozens of ship types which can be acquired and commanded, from the smallest corvette to the mightiest battleship.
  • Advanced damage system: ships can suffer critical and system failures in combat.
  • Loot anything that floats in space, trade items around the solar system to gain extra income, or salvage wrecked ships and even capture hostile vessels with boarding drones

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