Sunday, 15 February 2015

Double treat for Starpoint Gemini 2 space commanders

Some news from the Little Green Men team !

We are thrilled to announce that in a few days our space tactical RPG game „Starpoint Gemini 2“ will get extensive additions. On February 18th, double treat for dozens of thousands of our space captains will see the light of the day!

As we did in the past during Early Access, and also post release in September 2014, pace of updates will be strong. First,large update featuring new scripted faction missions and improved combat AI will be released, and on the same day first DLC expansion will also be pushed out. Expansion is called „Secrets of Aethera“ and brings new small storylined and voiceovered campaign scenario, new battleships, including the biggest one so far. Players will also get the chance to design and tweak their own weapon and explore new mysterious „Kepler“ science station. This installation was presumed to be lost, but somehow survived deadly spread of Aethera disturbance, and developed some unique technology along the way. Is there a way to save it again? And secure access to what was created there?...
All other features are listed below...

·         Find out what the NeoPhysics scientists were up to in the Aethera nebula in a completely new series of storyline quests, complete with voiced dialogues
·         Modify a brand new special weapon system to best suit your destructive needs
·         Outfit several new ships, available on Keppler station, deep inside Aethera
·         A new freelance mission is triggered by the Aethera experiments
·         Gemini faces a new random global event: Ghost incursion
·         Numerous new side missions available to solve and reap rewards
·         New bounties await to be hunted down

We'd like to mention that many of the added features, just like in the past, originated from forum discussions and community suggestions. And many of the introduced game elements are also there as basis for future even larger expansions and gameplay inovations.

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