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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Do Landlords Dream of Electronic Tenants?!

Abel Lowen, a Stringshaper, gets woke up by his apartment's alarm clock in the middle of the night. When he'll finally get up, late for his band's rehearsal, he will find out that almost nothing seems to be working properly.

What happened? Are others experiencing the same problems? Why is his neighbour hallucinating in the middle of the hallway?

A Landlord's Dream is another entry to January's MAGS competition, and was made by LostTrainDude with terrific retro art by Katschey.  I was able to help in a small way with proofreading, throwing ideas in and providing the sound effects.

Don't hold your breath, but this may just be a small part of a much bigger game...

Download this lovely slice of Cyberpunk!

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