Saturday, 28 February 2015

"Game of Strings" released for Android

CROATIA, SPLIT -- Feb 27, 2015 -- Indie game developer group Legis Projects launches a simple and fun puzzle game 'Game of Strings' for Android platform.

Game of Strings is a simple and easy to learn puzzle game designed for 2 to 4 players. You play the game by taking control of lines. Each player can take one line in his turn.

Lines have points on them so when you take a line you gain all points that are on it. However some points are negative so you have to be careful when making a decision, and be mindful of the time, because each turn has a time limit. The game is a duel of wits between the players and also a great way to get your kids to learn and become good at basic math operations.

If you don't have anyone to play with, you can play against an A.I.

You can download the game for free from Google Play for Android.

New Star Games make some of their titles FREE

Our friends at New Star Games have decided to make some of their older titles completely FREE

The titles are:

  • New Star Grand Prix (online multiplayer does not work) 
  • New Star Soccer 2010 
  • New Star Tennis 

These games can all be downloaded from

Detective Di now on Kickstarter

I posted about Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders right at the end of last year, and it's now running a Kickstarter campaign.  If you're at all interested in retro point and click adventure games, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Detective Di: Screenshots and Concept Art

Total Immersion Virtual Reality without the nausea is here at last! Take a spin on Roto

London UK – 26th February, 2015 – Industry veteran entrepreneur, Elliott Myers, responsible for past successes such as Gamester and Gametrak, is at it again. 
Meet ‘Roto’, the first motorised Virtual Reality platform. Roto addresses the fundamental factors that contribute to VR nausea and also enables gamers to turn around as much as they like without ever having to worry about wire tangle.
Roto is also unique in that it tracks which direction the user is facing, which coupled with ‘looking’, ‘leaning’ and ‘aiming’ offers a complete and intuitive solution to the VR experience.
Tracking where the user is facing is also a huge development for VR movies, especially when combined with Roto’s in-built motor. Now movie directors and games developers can physically turn the user to face the action whenever and wherever they choose. This also resolves the timeless challenge of trying to control the users view without breaking the illusion or inducing nausea.
Added to all this, Roto offers a deeper sense of immersion than ever before, thanks to it’s small centrifugal forces translating the users’ physical mass from the real world into the virtual world. It needs to be experienced!
Roto is compatible with all current (and future) VR headsets, and all features combined, Roto is the most immersive, natural and comprehensive Virtual Reality platform ever developed.
“We’re so excited by the potential of the technology in our new device,” commented Elliott Myers founder of Roto. “We know we have something really unique on offer here which could revolutionise the Virtual Reality industry and open it up to users and businesses alike on a much wider scale than anything yet seen. Roto is comfortable, safe and fun.”
Roto can be controlled and interacted with in a variety of ways including:
• A base for feet with two pedals enabling users to turn, walk, run or strafe among other options. 
• An optional desk which can carry a keyboard and mouse, steering wheel, joystick, haptic controller etc 
• Users are also able to mount a touch-screen tablet onto the desk, ideal for app swapping 
• Ability to add the DK2 camera onto the rotating platform for optimal tracking

Note: The chair that comes Roto is interchangeable; users can choose a style that suits their space, or even add their own swivel chair. The Roto platform is also very small / compact (10cm tall x 65cm diameter), in fact it's the same size as a normal swivel-chair base.
Roto is still in development but the team have fully working prototypes ready for demonstration, a kickstarter campaign is planned to help final stages of production kicking off at Rezzed 2015 on 12th March.

Friday, 27 February 2015

The Deer God available today for PC, Mac and Linux via Steam

  • Available for PC, Mac and Linux today at 13:00 EST/18:00 GMT 
  • 15% discount for launch week - $14.99/£9.99 thereafter 
  • Coming to next-gen consoles later in 2015

Following a successful Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight campaign and Early Access iterations, The Deer God officially launches on PC, Mac and Linux today. 

The Deer God will be available from 13:00 EST/18:00 GMT with a 15% discount off for the duration of launch week and $14.99/£9.99 thereafter.

Josh Presseisen, the founder and creative director of Crescent Moon Studios explains, "It'll be great to see the game out after how far we've come - since the moment when I tried the art style - extruding pieces of pixel art in 3D, I could tell that it was something unique and special. It's incredibly exciting to see it transformed from a quick idea in my head into reality.

Art is very important to me. Art is my background. I've been interested in art since I was very young. My mother is an artist. I actually have a long line of artists in the family going back to the 1700's. My great great great great grandfather was a portrait painter for Abraham Lincoln. One of my other great great grandfathers founded the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. So I guess it's in my blood."

What did you say dear?
The Deer God is a karmic journey through a beautiful but hostile world. For your sins against deerkind, you have been reincarnated as a tender fawn. While your new path is fraught with danger, it also provides an opportunity to redeem yourself.

Prance, bound and frolic your way through a procedurally generated 2.5D world with dynamic lighting, distinct biomes and a day/night cycle. Mate with fellow deer and amass an affectionate following that will help you overcome the predators and puzzles ahead. Just remember that the Deer God is always watching, and your actions count in this game.

Features worth fawning over
  • Striking combination of 2.5D pixel art and depth of field effects
  • Growth from fawn to stag and reincarnation influenced by karma
  • Procedurally generated world with dynamic weather, day/night and biomes
  • Gather herds and mate with deer to produce offspring (checkpoints)
  • Atmospheric original soundtrack by Evan Gipson (Mines of Mars)
*We will now stop shoehorning deer-related puns into our press releases, although we can't promise we won't move onto other quadrupeds.

Crescent Moon Games & Cinopt Studios
Crescent Moon Games began as a mobile games studio and launched the number one hit, Ravensword: Fallen King, in 2009. Since then, the studio has published a grand total of 49 titles.

The Deer God is the studio's first PC and console release. The full version will launch for PC first, followed by Xbox One and Wii U versions later in the year.

Cinopt Studios specialise in developing games with Unity. They currently have five games in the iOS App Store and have been working with Crescent Moon Games to bring The Deer God to life.

Don't forget to check out The Deer God Launch Trailer.

Award-Winning Dystopian Adventure République Remastered Now Available Through Steam, GOG, and Humble Store

Seattle, WA – February 26th, 2014 - Independent studio Camouflaj announced that its critically acclaimed dystopian stealth adventure game RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED is now available through distribution services Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Executed by industry veterans behind AAA games including Halo 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4, and rebuilt from the ground up for desktop players, RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED includes Episode 1: Exordium, Episode 2:Metamorphosis, and Episode 3: Ones & Zeroes in Standard and Deluxe editions.

RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED is the first commercial game to fully utilize the power of Unity 5, the next generation of the Unity multiplatform engine and development tool. Camouflaj has fully embraced the engine’s features, including physically based shading, real-time global illumination, and reflection probes.

"Seeing all of the hard work we've put into Unity 5 bear fruit in a gorgeous game likeRépublique Remastered is amazing," said Joachim Ante, CTO of Unity Technologies. “This is a fantastic example of how small creative teams like Camouflaj can harness Unity 5 to create intricate and beautiful experiences that rival those of massive highly-funded publishers. It’s an inspiration for all of us at Unity to keep pushing the democratization of the games industry.”

In RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED, players assist Hope, a desperate young woman struggling to escape from a secret, Orwellian state. Communicating using a stolen phone, Hope contacts the player and asks them to hack into the nation’s surveillance system, assume control, and guide her out of the clutches of the omnipresent Overseer. Literary works such as 1984 and Brave New World, and current geopolitical events including global surveillance and Internet censorship serve as key sources of inspiration for both the narrative and the stealth-survival gameplay. Players expand their control over surveillance cameras and other network-enabled devices, growing into an active threat to the Overseer and his grip over his shadowy nation.

RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED introduces Rena Strober as the voice of Hope, backed by an all-star voice talent team. Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard, Mass Effect series) plays Hope’s mentor, Mireille Prideaux, while David Hayter (Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid series) gives voice to Zager, revolutionary and ghost in the political machine. Also featured are veteran voice actors Khary Payton (Batman: Arkham Origins), and Dwight Schultz (killer7).

Available now for PC and Mac on Steam, Humble Store, and GOG, the Standard Edition of RÉPUBLIQUE REMASTERED will retail for $24.99 and includes a pre-purchase of upcoming Episode 4: God’s Acre and Episode 5: Terminus. The Deluxe Edition retails for $34.99 and contains the Standard Edition content, the complete soundtrack, an hour-long making of documentary, and two early prototypes (exclusive to the desktop version). For launch week only, both the Standard Edition and Deluxe will debut at a 20% off sale price ($19.99/$27.99).

About Camouflaj
Founded by former Halo 4 creative director and Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton, Camouflaj is a Seattle-based boutique game studio. Comprised of industry veterans from such award-winning franchises as F.E.A.R., Red Dead Redemption, and S.O.C.O.M., Camouflaj is a nimble team of experienced developers and talented newcomers, dedicated to bringing the high quality, focused game experiences to the broadest possible audiences.
About Unity Technologies
Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform to create rich interactive 3D and 2D experiences. Unity's powerful core engine and editor serve as the foundation for developers and designers to quickly build beautiful games or apps and easily bring them across multiple platforms: mobile devices, home entertainment systems, personal computers, and embedded systems.
At the heart of Unity's democratization initiatives, you will find solutions and services for building games and audiences. The Unity Asset Store digital content marketplace supports developer efforts by providing time and money saving solutions to tough production, design, and art challenges. New integrated services such as Unity Cloud Build extend the platform for greater productivity in creating, testing, and deploying, while Unity Everyplay and Unity Ads help developers connect with their audiences and acquire users through the sharing of game replays on social networks and offering a high-quality advertising network.
Unity Technologies serves over 600,000 monthly active developers including large publishers, indie studios, students, and hobbyists around the globe. For more information, visit:

Official Release Date for StarDrive 2

Haarlem, The Netherlands – February 25th, 2015 – Portland based developer Zero Sum Games announces that the eagerly anticipated sequel to their massive debut title STARDRIVE is now feature complete and has reached the final stages of its developmentTurn-based 4x space strategy title StarDrive 2  (PC, Mac and Linux) has gone through extensive Quality Assurance, the remaining time will be dedicated to bug-fixing, polish and incorporating various Steam features. Publisher Iceberg Interactive has the game slotted for an April 9th 2015 release on Steam and various other digital platforms, with a boxed retail version to follow soon after. StarDrive 2 will be available at $29.99.

About Zero Sum Games

Zero Sum Games is based in Portland, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States.  We are an independent studio with a small and dedicated team possessing a broad and diverse set of skills.  Our mission is to deliver hardcore PC games to gamers looking for depth and challenge without sacrificing aesthetics.  In design and execution, we follow the craftsman’s code: measure twice, cut once.  We hope you enjoy our games.

For more news and information about StarDrive 2, please visit the official website at or check the Facebook page

Thursday, 26 February 2015

"A Druid's Duel" released for PC, Mac, Linux

Feb 25, 2015 – Surprise Attack Games and ThoughtShelter Games are pleased announce A Druid's Duel  is now available on Steam at for Win, Mac and Linux.

To understand A Druid's Duel, take a board game like Chess, where each piece has a set of rules that govern it. Then, add in the ability to capture, create, and destroy tiles on the board. Finally, use the captured land to generate resources to buy new pieces. Perhaps Tom Chick, professional strategy game reviewer and the big boss over at Quarter to Three summed it up best, "A wonderfully plucky exercise in territory control, chess-like simplicity, mana management, landscaping, and rampaging bears."
Welcome to the Realm of Six Seasons, where the predictable cycle of nature's seasons has turned constantly since time began. But now, something is wrong. Something (or someone) is tampering with the precious Seasons, making a complete mess of the Realm. The Druids of the Esoteric Orders have long fostered this fertile landscape and tended to this delicate mystical balance. And it is up to Warren, a young druid fresh from his Esoteric Training, to discover what is causing this disastrous mixing of Seasons.
A Druid’s Duel is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam and their own website and other digital stores.  Find out more at or
Surprise Attack Games is an independent games label focused on partnering with independent game developers to provide marketing, distribution, and strategic assistance in taking their games to global audiences on any and all game platforms. For games that operate as a service, the label also provides monetisation strategy, design guidance and operational analytics.
More information at
Thoughtshelter Games is dedicated to making thoughtful games for casual players. We know big things can come from small places and we wholeheartedly believe in the ability for the little guy to not only persevere, but to excel. As one of these little guys, we desire to create amazing things that are deeply engaging yet remain accessible and elegant.
More information at

New expansion for Space Hulk: Ascension

“The Genestealers will Burn!” - Salamanders Expansion for Space Hulk®: Ascension Available Now

Copenhagen, Denmark – February 24, 2015 -- Independent developer Full Control today announced that the second expansion for Space Hulk: Ascension is available now for  Windows PC, Mac and Linux on Steam. The Salamanders Expansion unlocks the Salamander Chapter and brings 20 new unique story missions and 20 flash missions for players to conquer in Space Hulk: Ascension.

Based on the best-selling board game set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Space Hulk: Ascension, is a 3D digital turn based strategy game, that features reworked mechanics and a host of new features, including RPG progression mechanics, new Genestealer variations, new rules, and mission structures.

“Players are going to love the new options afforded to them by the Salamanders chapter.” said Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of Full Control. “Their lethal Heavy Flamers and resistance to fire are a deadly combination for the Genestealers to contend with!”

Featuring over 30 hours content, Space Hulk: Ascension - Salamanders is turn-based strategy at its finest. The Salamanders board the Space Hulk - Virtue of Hatred - to find priceless pages from the Tome of Fire... or wreak revenge on any who have dared despoil them. Featuring new gameplay hooks to the story missions, in the Salamanders Expansion players will face environmental challenges as well as an onslaught of hordes of predatory, alien Genestealers.

The Salamanders bring new abilities to the table, as players can now have two Heavy Class Terminators in a squad, each with the option of having a Heavy Flamer to boot. The Salamanders also have an extra Flamer pattern too, and can walk unharmed through flames, as well as some new ferocious pyromantic psychic powers.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

99 Spirits - Weeping Demon's Bell Now on Steam

February 24, 2015. Fruitbat Factory is happy to announce the release of our third and final DLC for 99 Spirits: 99 Spirits - Weeping Demon's Bell. The game is available today. 

Weeping Demon's Bell is the second side story for 99 Spirits, told in the Visual Novel style, similar to Cage of Night

 As our first Steam release, 99 Spirits has a special place in our hearts. We are happy to have had the rare chance to localise all the available bonus content for the game as well. With Weeping Demon’s Bell, the 99 Spirits collection is now truly complete.” says Jakke Elonen, Project Lead. 

Rumors of someone collecting swords and kidnapping girls have reached the young blacksmith Kotetsu and his childhood friend Waka. A cryptic new Tsukumogami lurks in the night. Meanwhile, a darkness grows within Kotetsu as he is drawn into one battle after another. 

When an invitation to entertain a nobleman arrives to Waka, the two are drawn into a test of their true nature. Can the two unveil the identity of their real enemy before it’s too late? 

99 Spirits Drama Theater includes three bonus stories 
Little Hanabusa: A story about Hanabusa, who turned back into a child from a little happening. While Komiya runs around trying to find a cure, Gijin happens across her. What will Gijin do, finding Hanabusa turned into a child? 
Saki’s Present: The weasels have become upset because Saki seems to not be paying them much attention lately. She seems to be doing something in secret, but just what is the truth behind the matter? 
Komiya’s Medicine Hunt: A story about Komiya trying to save Hanabusa after she suddenly collapses during an expedition. After learning of Hanabusa’s plight, the five gods pledge their support, but... 

Demon’s Bell gave us a chance to explore Kotetsu, Waka and their relationship further and have new adventures as we bring our 99 Spirits journey to a conclusion. Hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did.“ says Ozhan Sen, Art Lead. 

The game is released on Steam and other leading digital distributors on February 23th. The retail price is $4.99, with a -10% launch week discount.  Additionally, a 99 Spirits - Complete Collection will be made available for $27.99, including 99 Spirits, Artbook & Soundtrack Pack, Cage of Night and Weeping Demon's Bell. 

Fruitbat Factory, Ltd. 
English version developer (Homepage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube) 
Fruitbat Factory is an independent localization house focusing on bringing interesting Japanese indie games to English-speaking audiences. 

Original Japanese version developer (Homepage) 
TORaIKI is an independent Japanese game circle that aims to produce Windows PC titles suitable for gamers of all ages. 

New Trading Card Game SpellWeaver First Trailer

Feb 23, 2015 – Spellweaver, a brand new Digital Trading Card Game, is ready to unveil its first teaser video:

Spellweaver is a classic style trading card game set in a fantasy world where various faction's spellweavers battle for supremacy. The trading card game features a variety of unique features that set it apart from other card games on the market. Sign up for the closed beta at

While players of other TCGs will be familiar with the core concepts behind the game, Spellweaver has a number of unique twists. The biggest addition is the new unique creature attribute, speed. Creatures with higher speed can't be blocked by slower ones, and are also able to pick slower creatures as attack targets. However, faster creatures are generally weaker than their slower counterparts, creating a dynamic balance between raw creature power and greater versatility. Additionally Spellweaver has a system that helps reduce the likelihood of being "land starved," allowing for most games to win or lose based on deck and strategy rather than blind luck. Finally, and possibly most important, is the option to develop new special abilities for your heroic spellweavers. Your spellweaver starts each battle with 1 starting special ability. Special shrine cards unlock new abilities for the duration of the entire battle, which can radically alter the flow of the game.

Dream Reactor is an independent collective of seasoned game developers from Sofia, Bulgaria. Our core team members have more than 15 years of experience in the industry, and worked on titles such as the Tropico series, Celtic Kings, and Rising Kingdoms. We have a great passion for card games and we are currently working on our dream project, Spellweaver.
More information at

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

"The Deer God" Launch Trailer for Steam

The Deer God is a 3d pixel art adventure that takes you through the karmic journey of a man turned into a deer. It arrives officially on Steam this Friday - 27th February 2015.  While you wait, check out the trailer: 

Seventeen Uncles: A Pug's Life

This surreal and wonderful (at least it looks that way) point and click adventure game featuring a pug called Kirk now has campaigns running on both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.

Seventeen Uncles: A Pug's Life is a Point n' Click adventure game inspired by the bold Lucusarts titles such as “Sam n Max Hit the Road” with a surreal visual style inspired by striking 90’s cartoons such as “Rocko’s Modern Life” and modern classics such as “Adventure Time.”

Even more lovely screens from "Tales"

Great news for those looking forward to this little gem - Tales is getting pretty close to full release!

In the meantime, check out these lovely new screenshots released by the dev today:

Blox released for iOS, Android and Windows8 Phone

Blox is a new puzzle #indiegame for mobile devices by #indiedev Mark Dunn.  

There are two distinct game modes:

Gravity Mode

Put your mental wits to the test as you control gravity in order to eliminate all the blocks on the grid. Simply shift the blocks into clusters of 3 or more through rotating your device (or using the onscreen buttons) to change gravity, and attempt to clear the grid in the allocated number of moves.

Standard Mode
Pop blocks in clusters of 3 or more to clear the grid from top to bottom within the move count. Switch between Motion and Standard levels in the Settings Menu.

• Motion and Standard Puzzles.
• Hue and Colour Mode.
• Colour Blind Mode.
• No In-App Purchases.
• No Adverts.
• Motion and Standard Control methods.
• Sleek, Minimal Interface.

You can get Blox from the following digital stores:

Monday, 23 February 2015

Rogue State - animation test video

Just a little test animation to show the new graphics and character animations.  This game sure has come a long way since I first knew of its development!

Galactic Exploration Just Warped to a New Universe!

Just two months after the release of Approaching Infinity, Ibology and Shrapnel Games have released the first update to the popular game of infinite intergalactic exploration and adventure. The patch will update Approaching Infinity to version 1.10 and not only includes bug fixes, but also adds many additions and improvements. The update is available for both Windows and Mac OSX.

There are 7 bug fixes, 7 major changes, and almost 20 additions and minor changes. Here are just a few of the updates: 

Please Note: This patch is not compatible with existing saved games. Do not update until you are ready to start a new game.

  • Fixed incorrect devices being given for some quests
  • Fixed an issue with officer's names repeating in multiple sectors
  • Fixed monitoring of the "trap" achievements
  • Four More Fixes
  • Expanded tooltips for many situations
  • Made artifacts interact with each other
  • Gave the Stealth Runner starting ship better equipment
  • Added supply cost to away missions
  • Three additional Major Changes
  • Shift+Control+F will cycle fonts
  • Added CANYON planet generator
  • Added 11 new monsters
  • Added 2 new kinds of special space suits
  • Long away missions provide extra officer XP upon safe return
  • Fourteen more changes and additions
The patch can be downloaded directly from the Shrapnel Games' official product page for Approaching Infinity.

Approaching Infinity is a turn-based science fiction game of infinite space exploration and adventure. Each game grants you an entirely new universe, allowing for unlimited replayability. Designed for both casual and experienced players of the rogue-like genre, tool tips, contextual commands, a tutorial, and a sensible UI all help to make this game highly accessible.