Saturday, 17 January 2015

If you likes both Games and Cryptocurrency, it might be time to get HYPER!

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies around these days and, to be honest, I don’t pretend to understand very much about them.  However the cryptocurrency called HYPER looks interesting because it’s aimed directly at gamers, and for a couple of other reasons – you can earn currency by entering competitions of supported games (who also use HYPER as in-game currency), and your account accrues interest on your balance.  Also of interest, particularly to this site, is that it is being used to help support indie game development (one game, a space MMO, at the moment although possibly this will be expanded in the future).

Supported games at this time (the base of games using HYPER as in-game currency and offering it as a reward for playing) – include Counter-Strike, EVE Online, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, Rust and more.  Check the Wiki for the up-to-date list.

Check out the official website at for more details.   HYPER can be purchased at Bittrex.

You might also want to follow their Twitter account – they are running a lot of giveaways including $100 in Steam game codes.

Finally, an original Hack N Slash MMO with HYPER integration is coming soon and can be visited at

Obviously time will tell, but HYPER just may be the beginning of something big…
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