Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Aviary Attorney

Play the role of bird-brained lawyer, Monsieur Falcon. Take on clients, collect evidence, and deliver justice to the guilty!

I really like the look of this one, also it's being made by a dev team not far from me (not that I know them or even know exactly where they are, but they're somewhere in the West Midlands so can't be far away!), and the artwork is beautiful.  Even better, it's already been successfully funded, managing to achieve over double its funding target!  (Although at time of posting there are still 32 hours remaining on the Kickstarter Campaign, if you want to get yourself a pre-order copy of the game for £7.)

Check out the Official Website for more info.  Also, ogle the screenshots below.  I hadn't actually intended to post so many, but... they were just too beautiful not to post!!

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