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Friday, 28 February 2014

Flying Hippo - flying on iOS now

Ocean Media LLC, after several sweaty hours of development, proudly presents their most hipp(o)ster and totally free game available on all iOS devices - Flying Hippo.

Young hippo got lost in a world of clones and he's trying to find his way home. Guide him on an epic journey full of challenges in a game which provides massive fun time measured in minutes, if not in seconds!


Price: FREE

iPod Touch: 5th Gen.

iPhone: 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s.

iPad: 2, 3rd Gen, 4th Gen, Air, Mini and Mini Retina.

Running iOS 6.0+

Ocean Media, based in Zapresic, is game development company founded in 2006. Dedicated to producing and delivering high quality games for PC, Mac, Nintendo consoles and mobile application products.

(If, like me, you have never heard of Zapresic, but guessed that it must be in a Slavic country somewhere... it's in Croatia.)

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Avadon 2 Launches on iPad

Avadon 2: The Corruption Launches on iPad
Sequel to the award-winning full-length RPG for iOS.

Feb 28th, 2014 –Spiderweb Software's ( long awaited sequel to the award-winning Avadon: The Black Fortress is now available for iPads worldwide. Avadon 2: The Corruption is the second chapter of the epic Avadon trilogy. Avadon 2 is a fantasy adventure of the old school, full of quests, powerful artifacts, and a fascinating story. Grab a copy on the App Store.

Avadon 2: The Corruption is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure in an enormous world. Choose from five different types of characters, including the new Tinkermage class, each with dozens of unique spells or skills. Explore a gigantic world filled with secrets, artifacts, and a rich story. Experience multiple different endings and dozens of world-influencing side quests, and ultimately choose between saving your homeland or allowing it to fall and make way for something greater.

For centuries, your homeland was protected by Avadon. The Black Fortress. Home and training ground to the greatest warriors, mages, spies, and assassins the world had ever known. They brought safety, in return for freedom. Then Avadon was shattered in a deadly sneak attack, and the foes of the Pact are ready to invade. You have been conscripted by Avadon, and now, with chaos raging, it will be your destiny to see this maelstrom through. Will you help to restore Avadon to its glory, or will you betray it and help a new empire rise in its place? What happens next is up to you. Find out more at the Avadon 2website and watch the trailer at

Spiderweb Software, Inc., an independent game-design company based in Seattle, WA, is fanatically dedicated to creating fun, exciting fantasy role-playing games for Windows, Macintosh, and the iPad. Past titles include the award-winning Exile, Geneforge, Avernum, and Avadon series. More information on the company is available at or find them on Twitter at

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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Planets3 - new Screenshots and Concept Art

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Planets3 Releases New Video

Planets3,The first title from independent studio Cubical Drift, unleashes a sprawling 3D adventure and construction game for PC.   
A crowdfunding campaign will soon start on Kickstarter. 

Planets³ is a 3D open-world, voxel-based, role playing game (first person view). Imagined by video game lovers, Planets³ combines the excitement of role playing with the pleasure of construction and the boundless freedom of a 3D open world space. Its intricate plot and outstanding voxel based design offers opportunities for intense action and unlimited creativity. Planets³ has been designed to promote multi-player gameplay, to share the fun with friends. Find out more on the game at: 
The Planetsworld is constructed entirely from blocks of different shapes and sizes.  With the right tools, players will be able to pick up these blocks to use them at will by using blocks as-is or by breaking them down into materials to create new objects. Planetstruly allows players to unleash their imagination.
Planetsis a massive universe, comprised of several solar systems that players can freely visit. Each solar system is replete with planets and their moons, full of resources waiting to be captured. In Planets3, planets are cubes, their trajectories are square and relatively close to each other. Because of this unique trajectory, the severity of gravity can be different on each planet’s side! 
The history of Planets3
Aliens in human form crashed on Earth a few decades ago and never left. As the story progresses, players will discover why these aliens stayed on the planet and will have to rescue these visitors, and even help build a ship so they can go back home. Planetsalso offers side quests that will allow players to unlock the secrets of the Planetsuniverse and find objects only available in these optional storylines.

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Sanctuary RPG

Well, you can't get much more retro than this - a text turn-based RPG with ASCII Art graphics!

SanctuaryRPG™ is a critically acclaimed strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set in the retro ASCII-art world of Sanctuary.

Drawing heavy inspiration from both Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs, the developers have poured over 10,000 hours of work into the game, meticulously designing every aspect to offer a truly compelling and deeply replayable gameplay experience.

With dynamic combat, hilarious dialogue, and plenty of weapons at your disposal, this is truly the most ambitious ASCII-art RPG of 2014.

Core Features

  • Enjoy a blast from the past with retro ASCII graphics 
  • Travel through vast dungeons with classic roguelike action 
  • Experience hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay 
  • Put your strategies to work with a sleek combat system 
  • Over 160 class and race combinations to experiment with 
  • Wreck your enemies with over 1400 weapons and armors 
  • Rock out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack

Bonus Features
  • Collect achievements for no reason whatsoever 
  • Forge weapons with a skill-based crafting system 
  • Test your might in a ranked matchmaking mode 
  • Both casual and permadeath game modes 
  • Customize and utilize robotic pets in battle 
  • Fully featured and dynamic economy simulation 
  • Sell craft beers and run your own tavern

Public Beta

Steam Greenlight Page

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New Releases at

Dangerous Insects

Stick it to the Man!

Sqeezy Gunner

Gun Metal

Incoming + Incoming Forces

IndieGoGo Watch: EPOCH

EPOCH is a First Person and Space Combat action in a single environment shared across PlayStation, XBox, PC and mobile device platforms.  It's currently got an IndieGoGo Campaign running.

Seems to have some good features planned and it's being designed by the author of skiffy novel Primed, which is set in the same universe as the game.  Could be one to keep an eye on.  Fundraiser has only started recently and still has 53 days to go.  The apparent lack of any prototype of any kind atm may be a stumbling block to getting funded (despite a relatively modest funding goal), but I'm sure that will be sorted out soon.

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Starpoint Gemini 2 receives big Alpha update

Iceberg Interactive reveals advanced Alpha update for Starpoint Gemini 2

Create-a-Hero Contest Winner Will Be Featured in Game

Haarlem, The Netherlands – February 27, 2014 –Iceberg Interactive announced today the release of a big update for the advanced alpha version of Starpoint Gemini 2. From local security ships checking for contraband, to the addition of a Skill and Perk respect panel, and new on-ship changing boarding mechanics, this significant update injects new layers of energy, depth, and variation to Little Green Men Games’ open-world 3D space simulation.

In addition to the alpha update, Little Green Men Games has launched a user-generated Hero Contest, where players create their own character that they would like to see implemented into the game. The character with the most community votes will win. The contest begins today and will run for two weeks, ending on Friday, March 14. Check out the contest and enter your very own hero here.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is an open-world 3D space simulation game that provides powerful RPG mechanics with the frenzy of space combat and will feature full implementation of Oculus Rift at launch. Starpoint Gemini 2 is currently in Alpha on Steam’s Early Access program and is available for $22.99, Starpoint Gemini 2 is slated for full release on Steam this Spring.

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Indie RPG Review - Avadon 2: The Corruption

Avadon 2: The Corruption is a traditional fantasy RPG wrapped in a nice friendly user interface.  Many games are tagged “Epic” in some way or another, but when it comes to the storyline, few games really deserve the title – Avadon 2, however, is one such game.  The game world is huge, the characters you meet are interesting, the plot intricate and the consequences of your actions far-reaching.  Apart from the fact that you end up serving Avalon again (as a “Hand of Avadon”), I won’t go into too much detail in terms of the story itself, because that might spoil your exploration of the game.
In fact, those two words – story and exploration – really sum up what Avadon 2 – and indeed all of Spiderweb Software’s games – is all about.  The game has a very detailed story – there is a lot of reading involved, which may put off some, but it’s easy to see when something is directly related to the main storyline or not if you don’t want to read everything – and the game really rewards players who are willing to spend time exploring the game world.  The game is reasonably challenging even on “Casual” level, and only the most hardened RPG veterans are going to try the “Torment” level, but the game tends to gently lead you (rather than force you) into the areas that you are able to cope with at your current level.  I was a little disappointed that the levels are capped at 30 – for some reason it felt to me as though it should have been 50 – but the skill sets and levelling system are sufficiently interesting to engage the player.

You have one main character, and you are joined by up to two others, having to reselect (from a choice of 6) each time you leave Avadon.  Some quests require particular team members, and each individual character has their own side quest which you can follow or ignore.  Whether you help each character and what decisions you make during the quest should you take it will have an effect right at the end of the game (basically, the more help you might want at the end if you want to try to seize power yourself, the more you should help your fellow Hands of Avadon!).  The main quest follows a storyline that is continued from the first Avadon game (mainly involving the betrayal by Heart Miranda), but the back story is all available via dialogues if you’ve never played the first game, and in any case isn’t particularly essential to actually playing this one – it mostly involved.

There are the usual weapons, bits of armour, amulets and so forth to upgrade your character in addition to levelling up, as well as spells, special abilities and so forth.  It’s all nicely integrated into the game, and since enemies don’t respawn, the fact that you can sometimes avoid them and also the game’s emphasis on exploration, grinding up the levels is rarely a prerequisite – the grid-based, turn-based combat is more reliant on effective strategy than simply being tough.  I’m always a little annoyed with the shop’s in Spiderweb’s games – they only give you 10% of the value of what you sell, which is a bit mean – but that’s maybe just a personal thing.

The aesthetics are okay – the graphics are nothing special but they do the job and are quite varied.  The sound effects add atmosphere, there’s some great music for the intro but unfortunately none in-game.  The aesthetic approach is therefore quite minimalist, but that fits rather well with the text-oriented approach.  All in all, Avadon 2: The Corruption has a very pleasing old school approach, but with a much nicer UI than a lot of those old RPGs had.  Thoroughly recommended to those who like traditional RPGs and won’t be put of by the plentiful reading that’s needed to keep up with the storyline.

The trailer below gives you a nice look at the game mechanics and style of the game, and you can hear some of that intro music.  The game is to some extent what you make it - will you be loyal to Avadon, join the rebellion, work for the Tawpn Empire, or just choose your own path, take on dragons or be more cautious and try to keep out of trouble when possible?  There are lots of choices to make, and they all have an effect (even if you may not realise this until the game's prologue when you find out what happens after the events in the game itself.)

Find out more and buy the game from the Official Website.

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Unite 2014 in Seattle, Regional Unite and Bootcamps Announced

San Francisco, CA – February 26, 2014 – Unity Technologies is happy to announce that Unite 2014, its eighth annual developer conference, will be held from August 20-22, 2014 at the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington, home of one of the world’s largest game and technology development communities. After incredible success in 2013, Unity Technologies is also pleased to announce the continued growth of its Unite and Unite Bootcamp program of events to include stops in China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil with additional events to be announced later in 2014.

Unite 2014
Unite 2014 is an event for developers, publishers, enthusiasts and others interested in Unity to come together to learn more about the market-leading platform for creating high quality video games, training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations and other 2D and 3D interactive content -- and how to get the most out of it. The conference offers three days of learning including advanced hands-on class tutorials, technical sessions, previews of upcoming technology as well as the chance to network in a creative and energetic environment.
2014 sees Unite change settings to another of North America’s game development hubs, Seattle, Washington. A vibrant city full of tech giants and development luminaries, Seattle offers an inspiring setting for developers of all backgrounds. The conference will take place in the heart of the city at the Seattle Center, home to the iconic Space Needle, which is situated with quick access by foot, taxi, or public transit to many of the city’s hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Sessions, speakers, sponsors, awards, and party information will be released at a later date.

For more information about Unite 2014, please visit:

Unity Training Day
Unity Technologies will also host a separate Unity Training Day event at the Seattle Center Pavilion building on August 19 to give new and inexperienced users a foundation for Unity development before the big show begins. The training day will focus on hands-on tutorials where attendees build a small project over a full day of information-packed sessions covering everything from the initial setup of a scene to basic retargeting and animation in Mecanim, particle effect generation in Shuriken, uses for the native 2D tools, and many of Unity’s other defining features.

Global Unite Events
Following the great success of 2013’s global Unity events held in China, Japan, Korea, and Brazil, Unity Technologies is pleased to announce the conferences will be returning to support those massive communities along with additional locations. These one to two day events are designed to provide the huge global community of Unity developers with access to learning and networking opportunities. These events include region-specific sessions designed to provide valuable and targeted experiences to attendees. The current list of event locations includes:
  • Japan – April 7-8 – Tokyo
  • Korea – April 9-10 – Seoul
  • China – April 13-14 – Beijing
  • Taiwan – April 17-18 – Taipei
  • Australia – October 27 – Melbourne
  • Brazil – Date TBA – São Paulo
  • Mexico – Date TBD – Location TBD
For ticketing or more information about Unite 2014, Unite Training Day, or any of the regional Unite events, please visit
About Unity Technologies
Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance development platform used to make creative and intelligent interactive 3D and 2D experiences. The "author once, deploy everywhere" capability ensures developers can publish to all of the most popular platforms. Unity Technologies boasts a thriving community of over 2.5 million developers including large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists. To remain at the forefront of innovation, Unity Technologies tirelessly re-invests in its award-winning 3D and 2D development tools and its democratization initiatives, such as the Asset Store digital content marketplace, Unity Cloud services, and Unity Games publishing and distribution division. Unity Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:

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Cognition Sweeps Reader’s Choice Aggie Awards: Game of the Year

Top-Selling Title From Developer-Turned-Publisher Phoenix Online Studios Wins Six Readers’ Choice Awards For Adventure Game Excellence

SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 25, 2014 –Indie game publisher Phoenix Online Publishing today announced that its debut title, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller™ has garnered an unprecedented six readers’ choice awards from
Created by Phoenix Online Studios in partnership with story consultant Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight®, Moebius: Empire Rising™), Cognition was voted by readers as theAdventure Game of the YearBest Independent Adventure and Best Traditional Adventure of 2013. In addition, Cognition earned “Best of” kudos in the Soundtrack,Writing-Drama and Story categories, and earned runner-up status for Best Gameplay,Best Character and Best Voice Acting.

"From the beginning, our focus has been on creating atmospheric, story-driven games, and it's thrilling to see such an outpouring of enthusiasm and support from the adventure gaming community," said Cesar Bittar, CEO of Phoenix Online Publishing. "We are honored that Cognition has received so much love and attention from gamers, and look forward to creating and publishing even more award-winning and quality entertainment for fans of all genres."
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller is available in four single-episode installments or as a season pass bundle that includes all four episodes and a complimentary copy of the game’s multi-award-winning soundtrack. To celebrate Cognition’s recognition for excellence in adventure gaming in this year’s Aggie Readers’ Choice awards, players will be able to buy the full four-episode season pass bundle for $24.99 (a $5 savings off the normal $29.99 price), as part of an exclusive, limited-time discount for one week only on Steam or

About Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
FBI agent Erica Reed has an uncanny talent: she can see the past and piece together how a crime unfolded. But not even this sixth sense could save her younger brother, Scott, from a brutal serial killer. Three years later, the investigation into Scott’s murder has gone cold -- but Erica’s work has only just begun. A serial killer is loose in Boston -- one who seems to be leaving deliberate clues that only Erica, with her unique post-cognitive abilities, can uncover.
With hand-drawn graphic novel style art from renowned comic book artist Romano Molenaar (Batman, Witchblade, Tomb Raider and X-Men), a multi-award winning soundtrack by Austin Haynes (featuring the Scarlet Furies) and expert advice from game design legend Jane Jensen (Gabriel Knight and the just announced Moebius: Empire Rising) as story consultant, Cognition is a thrilling adventure game by a true “indie dream team” that grips you and won’t let go.

About Phoenix Online Publishing–Every Game Has a Story
Phoenix Online Publishing is a new independent video game publisher dedicated to bringing compelling and cutting-edge story-driven titles to marketworldwide in every genre and across the full range of gaming platforms and devices. Providing game makers with business management, marketing, media and digital/retail distribution services, the company is committed to providing a platform for bringing titles with rich storytelling and atmosphere to life. Designed by indie game developers for indie game developers, Phoenix Online Publishing operates in parallel with Phoenix Online Studios, an award-winning game development studio(The Silver Lining,Cognition), and maintains a global network of development, publishing and distribution partners. More information about Phoenix Online Publishing can be found on the company 's website,

  • Buy Cognition: An Erica Read Thriller (Full Season)
  • Buy Cognition Episode 1 - The Hangman
  • Buy Cognition Episode 2 - The Wise Monkey
  • Buy Cognition Episode 3 - The Oracle
  • Buy Cognition Episode 4 -The Cain Killer

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IndieGoGo Watch - Tech Executive Tycoon

TECH EXECUTIVE TYCOON is a business management Simulation/Strategy game that puts you in the role of the CEO of a tech company. Can you build this company into a Tech Giant? Develop Hardware that will wow your customers and make their lives easier. Build custom devices, peripherals and products that will make your competitors envy you and simultaneously worship you?

This game will be a deep strategy/simulation game. You will hire employees, delegate responsibility, manage the budget, monitor business relationships, upgrade office equipment, rent new offices, set prices, outsource and more...  

Planned for PC, Linux, Mac and possibly more... planned for release of the game in December 2014.

Check out the Tech Executive Tycoon IndiGoGo campaign.  The campaign has only recently started and is doing very nicely already.

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IndieGoGo Watch - World Football 2014

Everybody likes a good footie game (well, obviously not everyone, but broadly speaking) - so this might be of interest.  The fundraiser has plenty of time to go and 95% of the target still to raise.  It's due for release in May 2014. Will be launched on iOS, Android and Windows 8 Mobile and Tablet devices.  Check out the trailer below (as far as I can tell there is no sound, so don't worry, your speakers haven't broken!), and the World Football 2014 IndieGoGo page.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

BUNDLE LAUNCH: A boss-battling, brain-bending, block-busting Steam bundle from Bundle Stars

Gamers can grab an eclectic mix of nine Steam games for just $3.49 with the Fusion Bundle from Bundle Stars.

Providing gamers with instant access to nine individual Steam keys, the Fusion Bundle saves over $90 compared to the normal retail price.

Go forth into the Galaxy with awesome sci-fi strategy AI War Collection, build elaborate structures in a virtual world in Blockland, combine breakneck racing action with arcade style shoot ‘em up in Pressure, experience furious helicopter action in Thunder Wolves, put your mind to work solving puzzles in rip-roaring, point and click adventure game Time Gentlemen, Please! Ben There Dan That, be immersed in suspenseful psychological horror The Cat Lady, ensure your wits are sharpened in  RPG Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny HD, avoid traps in Mario-style platformer Eryi’s Action and explore 65 unique levels in retro-style arcade shooter Luxor Evolved.

All the games run on Windows PC, three work on Mac and two on Linux.

The Fusion Bundle is priced at just $3.49 and is available now for a limited time from

The games:

AI War Collection- Go forth into the galaxy, steal AI technology, recapture planets, and save what remains of humanity in this highly acclaimed strategy game. Contains AI War: Fleet Command, Al War: The Zenith Remnant, Al War: Children of Neinzul, Al War: Light of the Spire, Al War: Ancient Shadows, and AI War: Vengeance of the Machine.

Blockland – Design and construct amazingly detailed structures in this open world sandbox game. Styled as a mini figure, you’ll build inside the virtual world using bricks reminiscent of toy blocks. Then create your own deathmatches, race tracks and much more!

Pressure – Step into a steampunk world filled with crazy characters and funky humour in this breakneck racing-action game that’s combined with arcade style shoot’em up.

Thunder Wolves – Experience furious helicopter action in this relentless, adrenaline pumped arcade shooter game.

Time Gentlemen, Please! Ben There, Dan That! – With tongue firmly in cheek put your mind to work solving puzzles in this rip-roaring, point and click adventure game.

The Cat Lady – Be immersed in this suspenseful psychological horror game which follows Susan Ashworth, a lonely 40-year old on the verge of suicide. Containing strong adult themes, this Steam game is recommended for players over 18.

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny - A faithful remake of the classic original, this is old school RPG at its best. Make sure your wits are sharpened as you return to Thorwal, one of the oldest cities of Aventuria, and be prepared to stop the Orcisch threat while creating a mightly alliance between nations.

Eryl’s Action – Don’t be fooled by its adorably charming looks, as this 2D platformer is abundant in traps! Some simply need to be learned and avoided, others are puzzles that require your skill and wits to beat.

Luxor Evolved – In this retro-style arcade shooter the chains are faster, the power-ups more awesome and the shooters more stealth and it’s packed with 65 unique levels, addicting effects and sound tracks.

About Bundle Stars
Bundle Stars offers unique and exclusive offers on digital downloads. Bundle Stars selects best quality, best value products from development partners and makes them available in low-price, time-limited deals.  Consumers typically save up to 97% off the normal retail price. Launched late 2012, British-based Bundle Stars is owned and operated by Focus Multimedia Ltd, one of the UK’s leading independent computer games and software publishers since 1995. For more information please visit  

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Zaharia, A Fantasy RPG Inspired by Middle Eastern World

New York -- Feb 26, 2014 -- Zaharia is an indie RPG with an original setting featuring a focus on narrative experience, turn based combats and a real time stealth system.

At its core, Zaharia is a game about humanity: its glories, its follies, and its darkest secrets. The players will be able to create their own characters and use them freely, defining their own story in the world of Zaharia without compromise or constraint and their choice will make the difference.


  • Isometric 3D graphic;
  • Turn-based battles based on our original rules' system;
  • Narrative and Interpretative non-linearity, allowing the player not only to choose which quest to follow, but also to make choices and solve problems in many different ways;
  • A free-roaming world, Fallout style;
  • A large number of skills and stats to manage, in order to customize your own virtual alter-ego in every small detail;
  • An original setting created from scratch, inspired to late medieval Persia and Arabia, and completely different from the classic fantasy settings;
  • Development of mature themes: slavery, racism, theology, philosophy, morality, politics and so on;
  • Five main factions to choose from, each of them deeply characterized and different from the others;
  • Innovative magic system, making mages something more than portable siege weapons;
  • A real time stealth system.

Zaharia recently started a Kickstarter campaign, in order to continue the development of the game.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Floppy Fish released for iOS

Just when you thought all the Flappy Bird stuff had finally died down, along comes... Rivalry Media release Floppy Fish.

- 8-bit Arcade design and sounds
- Many power-ups, enemies and collectibles
- Frustrating gameplay
- Social integration to send challenges to friends

Get it from iTunes.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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Exploration and puzzle solving with Catapult for Hire

Catapult for Hire

Exploration and puzzle solving are done with your skillful and creative use of sweet sweet catapults

A brand new trailer!
Created by Tyrone Henrie, Catapult for Hire is an action-adventure RPG where exploration and puzzle solving are done with your skillful and creative use of catapults. In this game you do it all. One moment you will be solving huge Zelda-like temples and in the next you are helping a gigantic lazy ogre complete his chores. Earn gold, find and unlock new catapults, fight epic bosses, craft new payloads, heck you can even go fishing.
Check out the developer website
The game has been in development for nearly 4 years and now to finish the game Ty has turned to Kickstarter: Backer rewards even include tiny handmade catapults! The developer also released a new gameplay trailer to showcase the fishing within the game.
20215afdd036570a22c463dc3db7c986 large
The Kickstarter to finish the project
Features of the full game on Steam:
• Chunky stylish graphics.
• 6 unique electro-worlds with boss fights.
• 150 parts to collect and endless combinations to customize your character.
• Pumpin' Electro Soundtrack.
• Compete in the tournament for rare parts.
• Up to 4 player local co-op and versus mode.
• 29 Steam Achievements
• Cloud Saving (Play your save game on different computers)
• Big Picture compatible
Visit the developers website
If the Kickstarter is successful, backers will be able to play a Beta version of the game as soon as August 2014 and the game will be released November 2014.
For further information regarding Catapult For Hire, please check out the Website and follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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