Friday, 12 December 2014

Nova Phase: Pixelated Video Game Inspired 8-bit Comic Glory!

It's not a game, but... it's a graphic novel with lovely pixel art style visuals.  I had a quick peek - it looks very good and is well written - certainly an interesting plot is developing over the issues I looked at.

Nova Phase: A treasure hunt in space with old school video game graphics!
We have all had dreams. Dreams that we would have given anything to achieve and yet have eluded our grasp. It is about reaching for the stars and missing, it is about what one does with the failures that seem to make up most of life.
Veronica Darkwater is a down on her luck bounty hunter who finds herself plunged into an intergalactic treasure hunt for a legendary world of untold wealth. But she must compete with a crazy military commander who will stop at nothing to cement his name in history. Will she stay alive long enough to see if the legends of the mythical world of Una Tesara are true? A riveting adventure with retro 80's/90's arcade style art.

Nova Phase is a creator owned six issue series by Matthew Ritter (Writer) and Adam Elbatimy (Art).
Nova Phase is being published through Slave Labor Graphics. The first four issues are available digitally Each issue is just one dollar, and the first issue is free. A print version of the first two issues has been collected and for sale through the SLG website and amazon.

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