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Monday, 8 December 2014

Nefasto's (Mis)adventures - Meeting Noeroze

This is a game I'd sort of seen the odd screenshot of now and then, and for some reason I'd never found it particularly interesting.  I saw it in action at Adventure-X and it completely changed my opinion!

Looks like we're in for a lot of coder humour in this game, folks...

The player character is trapped inside a computer.  The game is full of retro goodness and the game looked very challenging - but it must have been in a good way, as I saw people going back to this one to try again perhaps more than any other game.

Developer and artist Stefano Collavini has created a game with huge retro charm (complete with 8-bit SFX and jumping mechanics!), and a game world that encompasses a large number of different graphical styles.  There are obvious influences from classic oldies, but he told me that his biggest influence was Paper Mario.

Meeting Noeroze will hopefully be released sometime in 2015.  I'll obviously post about it on if a more concrete release date is given!  You can find out more about Meeting Noeroze at the Stefano's website.

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