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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Interview with the dev team working on "Waking Up Eric Claud"

Haunted by demons through a dreamy world

We asked the team behind Istanbul-based indie-studio Mindprop Games to tell us a bit more about their upcoming title Waking Up Eric Claud.

Who is Eric Claud, the player character of your game?
Eric Claud was an ordinary man, who became a hero in his dreams. At the moment when he realizes that he is also trapped. He does not have super powers, but he can control the environment as he is in a dream world. He wanders in his red pajamas and blanket like yellow cloak.

Eric seems to be troubled by demonic dreams, why is that?
The demonic characters are keeping him away from waking up by setting tricky puzzles. They are the cause of Eric to realise his powers of manipulating the world around him. Eric questions the reasons, and will find the answers in his journey.

Tell us how the dreamy world will affect the game mechanics!
The game is a 2D Puzzle Platformer. Both the environment, characters and tools have 3 different states, with the 3 different levels of your sleep-o-meter. This is the main mechanics used to solve puzzles. You define your sleep level with your own choices, like jumping down from a high spot will cause a decrease in the sleep level, while taking sleep pills will pull you deeper in the sleep. This creates a two way interaction between the mechanics and dreams, while your choices change the environment, and the environment changes you.

What has been your sources of inspiration in making this game?
Previously we have been making games as an hobby, but with the games like Limbo, Braid and Don't Starve, we have realised that it would be possible for a small group to develop a complete video game. We were looking for some smart mechanics such as Portal had. It is also important to note that we are fans of the Lucas Arts Classics and Marvel Comics.
We have developed our story with Mythological (mostly Mediterranean) and Psychoanalytic basics and the inspiration of the brilliant art pieces like Lord of the Rings, Faust, Inception, played important role.

How is it to work with a game in Istanbul? Are there other studios around or is it a lonely venture?
For our game, we are collaborating with friends from related areas like film makers, animation professionals, production specialists, etc. There are many gamers in Istanbul, however not that much of developers, so that's why we had to widen our scope to avoid loneliness. Compared to rest of the world, our developer community in Istanbul is a smaller one but there are very promising developer studios around and we are all enthusiastic about gaming. We also take advantage of the global communities without physical restrictions.

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