Monday, 1 December 2014

Dustbowl - A Post Apocalyptic RPG Adventure

Very retro RPG adventure awaits!  Well, the demo of it anyway,

The world is a desolate place, humanity is in a transition from life to extinction as those that lived through the events cling onto the threads of survival. The world is a dead, dusty landscape filled with ghosts and spectres, of smashed cities and dried oceans. The surface is a symbol of what has been lost.

The dustbowl is an 6-mile crater surrounded by earth the size of mountains, legend has circulated around this strange place that a great treasure is in it’s centre or an abandoned alien weapon. Many have tried to reach the dustbowl but none have succeeded. It is not just the impassable terrain that makes it impossible to reach but a strange radiation that boils anything it touches.

  • A full thirst, hunger, tired system to keep adventurers on their toes.
  • Unique turn-based combat system with hit locations.
  • More quests and tasks to shake a mutant leg at!
  • Random encounters and easter eggs.
  • A sprawling 15km map of places to explore!
  • Fallout, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Metro2033 inspired.
  • Beautiful pixel art environments in a  C64 palette.

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