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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Another adventure game to look out for

I'm particularly fond of oddball adventure games, and this one looks particularly oddball - and very advanced into the development process.  

Crankosaurus Prime and the Blue Crystal Pursuit by AGS member MiteWiseacreLives! is the very oddball game that's caught my attention recently. 

 Check out the list of amazing game features:

- 11 puzzle filled levels!
- 4 epic'ish Worlds!
- Smash, Push, Special Crystal Attack, Grab and Look At anything that stands in your path!
- Make Things Implode!
- Feel clever as you outsmart your foes at every turn!
- Stomp around as a giant dinosaur!
- Eat farm animals!
- Giggle like a school girl as you enjoy the antics of the cast!
- You will no longer need to see Jurassic World!
- 640 pixels! and also 480 pixels going the other way!
- Stereotypes!
- Roaring!

More news soon... ish...

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