Tuesday, 25 November 2014

IronDrop Studios releases epic indie runner game

ROGUS - Kingdom of The Lost Souls is an epic runner game which will take you by surprise with both its introduction story and intense gameplay. Your skills will be put to the test as you will have to master precise jumping, aiming, dodging, shielding and spell casting. At the same time.

What the dev says about his game:

"I started working on ROGUS at the beginning of January 2014 as a small iOS/Android project which, I thought, would take 2 or 3 months to complete. After two months of development, I wasn't satisfied with it since I had come up with a bigger vision of what I wanted the game to be. It became clear it would need a bigger canvas. I started almost from scratch and worked on it as a PC game for the next 9 months. At the beginning of November 2014, ROGUS - Kingdom of The Lost Souls was finished. Updates and improvements will be released afterwards."

Game Features:
  • Monster smashing pixel art action!
  • Short introduction story
  • Awesome epic music
  • Six spells to choose from
  • On-the-fly randomized runs
  • Controller Support
  • Best Score board

ROGUS costs $7.99 and is available from the game's Official Website.  Also check out the Steam Greenlight campaign.

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