Saturday, 22 November 2014

Eric, Wake Up!!

A 2D platformer set in a world of dreams - adjust your sleep depth and control your environment to help solve the puzzles PC/Mac/Linux
Welcome to Waking Up Eric Claud by Mindprop Games is an adventure-type 2D puzzle-platformer game, set in a trickster world of dreams. Play Eric, a man trapped in a realm of puzzles, and help him in his odyssey of waking up. You will take part in a unique and innovative gameplay experience where your choices will set off changes all around you, just like in a dream. Guide Eric wisely through each stage or just enjoy discovering the twists and turns of this surprising environment. What if you fail to wake up? Well, there is no failure in a dream.
Check out the trailer below - this game looks pretty cool.  By sure to visit the Kickstarter Page too!

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