Friday, 28 November 2014

Bunny to the Moon!

Made over the course of 7 months using Unity 3D, Bunny to the Moon is a simple, fun and sometimes frustrating game about... well, trying to get bunny all the way up to the moon.  In the words of the devs, BitSerum:

Bunny to the Moon is a game of skill with a fun jumping/flying mechanic that's easy to learn, but not so easy to master.  The titular Bunny needs to fly through 4 different areas (underground, forest, sky and space), each offering different obstacles and changing the way you play the game in some way.  Your only aids are life upgrades found on various height scores. Once obtained these life upgrades stick with you permanently through subsequent play-throughs. 

The game is free with no in-app purchases, and is not an endless runner. We're looking into porting to iOS in the near future.


You can get the Android version at the GooglePlay Store.

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