Thursday, 2 October 2014

Giant Spacekat’s Anticipated Revolution 60 Coming Soon to PC and Now on Sale for iOS

Boston, USA -- September 30, 2014 -- Indie game studio Giant Spacekat announced today that the Kickstarter-funded and the critically acclaimed iOS game, Revolution 60 will be coming soon to PC and is expected to launch later this year. The team is also pleased to announce that the iOS version of the game is currently on sale in iTunes store at a price of $3.99 / €3.59 / £2.49. Revolution 60 is a story of intense character conflict where the main character lives or dies based on the player’s choices. The branching narrative takes gamers through 26 different battles - including four mini-boss battles - eventually leading them to a combination of 24 different ending variations and providing hours of replayability.

“We couldn’t be happier to announce Revolution 60 is coming soon to PC,” said Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat. “Bringing Revolution 60 to PC has been something we’ve wanted to do since we first started development and we look forward to sharing the Revolution 60 universe with a whole new community of players.

Years in the future, in Revolution 60 an American orbital weapons platform has drifted off course, threatening an international incident. Chessboard, a special ops group led by an artificial intelligence, has tasked a team to rendezvous with the station and regain control. In this crucial mission players are cast as Holiday, a Chessboard assassin who must decide if her loyalty is to her friends or to the mission. Featuring a fully voice acted all female cast, players undertake a series of missions, and make difficult moral choices that have significant effects on the game outcome so that every ending is different.

For more information about Revolution 60 and to download the game at the new sale price of $3.99 / €3.59 / £2.49 please, visit:

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