Friday, 3 October 2014

Fantasy/Parody Board Game DICETINY coming to Kickstarter, with a Brand New Trailer

DICETINY is a four-player digital board game where epic fantasy and humorous parodies coexist.  Play with three other human or AI friends to defeat monsters and slay the evil dragon on a tabletop board using your cards as weapon.  Collect random cards after each game and build your own deck.  Your ultimate goal is to save the world and claim DICETINY, the one and only die that controls the fate of all races.  DICETINY is currently being developed for Windows PC and more in the future.

- Four player co-op!  Single player also supported
- Randomly-generated events and quests
- Fun and unique card skills, with tons of possibilities
- Epic monsters, and bosses
- Collect cards and build your own deck
- Tons of fun memorable moments and parodies

Platform: Steam (Windows PC), and more
Release Date: Steam Early Access this winter
Kickstarter launching date: October 8th, 2014
Genre: Tabletop Board
# of Player:  1~4 players
Developer: Fakedice

Fakedice is a Korean indie game developer consisting of seven geeks.  While there's only a handful of PC game developers left in Korea as most of them turned their heads to mobile, Fakedice decided to stay with PC focusing on the Steam market, and they're currently working hard to developer a fantasy RPG board game DICETINY.

The DICETINY Kickstarter is due to go live on 8th October 2014

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