Friday, 31 October 2014


Indie RPG legends John Wizard Games and Amaranth Games are joining forces for their next release - Stargazer.  You can follow development here - in the meantime, here are some screenshots to gaze at...

Also by Amaranth Games - Edolie

Also by John Wizard Games - Madam Extravaganza's Monster Emporium

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Mining for Gold in them thare iPhones and Androids...

In Gold Miners, player's mission is to collect gold in the deep cave and confront dangerous creatures. Make your highest record by trying to stay alive with all three gnomes.

Gold Miners is completely free to play with no in-app purchases - can't tell you about in-game advertising at this point as I've not had a chance to look at the Android version.

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No Firewood - new screenshots

New screenshots released for survival horror FPS No Firewood (they're a bit dark!): 

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Convoy - A tactical roguelike-like

It's not a Roguelike... it's a Rogelike-like!!!

Convoy is a tactical roguelike-like inspired by Mad Max and FTL in which you cross a wasteland in search of parts for your broken ship.
It's already been accepted by Steam but the devs are running a Kickstarter to give it extra polish before release.

Presented in pixel art and set in a future post-apocalyptic setting, Convoy is a squad based tactical roguelike-like in its core. You travel with your combat vehicles and convoy across a wasteland to find parts needed to repair your broken spaceship. During your journey you will encounter strangers in randomized scenarios by picking up radio signals.
Depending on the choices you make, signals can either lead to tactical combat, text based dialogue or chance based role-play. Whatever choice you make, you need to keep your convoy and its cargo safe from raiders, privateers and other enemies. Keep upgrading your vehicles, as death is permanent in Convoy.


  • A new take on tactical combat: Combat plays out in real time as a high-speed car chase where you need to position your units and use abilities to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Exploration pays: You will encounter many different radio signals, each with a text based event. What doesn’t kill you may reward you with loot.
  • Fully customizable units: Each unit can be upgraded and outfitted with different weapons and abilities, allowing you to customize them to your needs.
  • A randomized planet: Each play-through features different main and side objectives, events, choices, and different consequences to your actions.
  • A cold war turning hot: Three factions vie for control over the planet, your actions tip the scales of balance making you an enemy to everyone. As each faction grows in strength, you need to keep up.
  • Permadeath at the core: Knowing one wrong move could lead to certain death puts you constantly on edge.

 Check out the Kickstarter Page

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Stowaway announcements

Two major announcements regarding indie survival horror game Stowaway, which we featured just over a month ago:

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cold Contract - Tactical action indie game

Cold Contact is a turn-based strategy game with an isometric viewpoint.  The game is split into 2 main parts:

- the strategic view in real-time where the player can choose his team, the equipment, and the objectives on a regional map;
- the isometric view with turn-based action where the squad fights the enemies.

The main objective of the game is to control a regional map and strike a well defended location to win. To do this, several mercenaries can be hired, depending of funds, in order to build some squads. These squads can be upgraded to gain some bonus, which helps the guys to reach their targets safely. There are villages, cities, industrial sites and much more, on the regional map. Several perks and options can also be used to develop the strategic and tactical dimension. The enemies share the same options and upgrades than the player and we have made the choice to let the AI uses all possible actions. Combined with the random generator of isometric battlefields at the beginning of a new game, and randomized placement and actions of objectives and enemies, all situations are unique. 


- the procedurally generated world guaranties a high level of re playability. Mercenaries, regional map, isometric maps are generated from scratch for each new game. Also when the player starts a fight, everything is placed randomly;
- the environment function in the isometric part, which offers several options in the fight to defeat enemies and add a deeper combat dimension (can create smoke, poison, oil surfaces with their specific effects on characters);
- eight mission contexts, which appear after the second part of the game to vary the experience (rescue hostages, destroy installations, eliminate VIP are one of them);
- several options regrouped in an HQ interface to extend tactic and strategic options along the game;
- several perks to manage capacities et equipment of mercenaries in a simple manner;
- an artificial intelligence, which is very reactive to the actions of player, in the common mode where the squad strikes enemy positions but also during missions.

The game is planned for release on PC in November 2014, with Mac and Linux versions possible in the future.

Official Website
Steam Greenlight Page
Demo Download

Friday, 24 October 2014

EnjoyUp Games announces Football Up Online on Nintendo 3DS™ and screenshots

Football Up Online is a funny soccer game that allows you a total control of any action of your team players: Control the ball, dribble and shoot with effect to confuse the goalkeeper and score a goal!

Now you can play with your friends and other players from around the world thanks to the new online multi-player mode!
Become a soccer master and make your rival defenders tremble!

Each country has its national team. You can create your own team with the in-game editor: give it the name you like, choose its equipment and the most important, play with your Mii™ saved on the Mii Maker™ of your Nintendo 3DS™.

 - New online mode.
- Send Football Up Online completely by using the "Download Play" option.
- Create your own teams using your Mii™.
- 2 Players with a single copy of Football Up Online!
- Free Control Ball, the ball has inertial free movement.
- Full 3D Stereoscopic.
- Total control of height, direction and effect in each pass and shoot you make.
- Play the World Cup!


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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Worth its' Salt!

Salt is a first person game focused on exploration and adventure with RPG and survival elements sprinkled in. The gameplay features  you sailing across an ocean and exploring the different islands that you come across.

In your travels you discover hidden places, fight pirates, sail ships, hunt animals, fish, craft and gather resources, complete quests, and discover lore throughout the world. Salt is about you creating your own adventure!

Salt is being developed for PC - check it out on Steam Early Access.

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Shiny New Pure Pool Xbox One Screenshots

21st October 2014 – Indie developers VooFoo Studios and publisher Ripstone have announced today that their critically acclaimed pool simulation game; Pure Pool is cued up for launch on Xbox One and will be available for fans to download soon. Take a look at the latest screenshots:

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Funded! - Bedlam

It's some time ago now that I posted about Bedlam, but I can post again now to tell you that it's been successfully funded - and, with 63 hours to go at time of posting this, have got their first stretch, very nearly reached their second one too... how far will they go?  

Check the Kickstarter Page to find out...

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Paper Dungeons

Paper Dungeons is a fantasy tabletop puzzle/roguelike game.  It's on Steam Early access and the 2-dev studio Agent Mega have just released a huge update.  With the ability of players to create and share levels, it has extremely high replay value.  Available for PC, Mac and Linux.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Ascent - new Space Station

Also in Ascent news - a new space station design has been added to the game.  Here it is...

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Ascent - on the up!

At the start of this month I posted about a hugely ambitious game called Ascent - a massive space MMO being made by just 2 developers. 

With 11 days to go, they have made it to just over 60% of their funding goal.   Check out the Kickstarter Page and the Playable Demo.

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NO FIREWOOD - A Survival Horror FPS that will make you never want to go camping again...

No Firewood is a Survival Horror FPS that puts a new spin on the genre and offers up a lot of new concepts. You collect firewood (Which is rare to come by)  to keep your campfire going, all while looking for items/food and warding off mutated animals, humans, and the unknown...

The game has a play style similar to Left 4 Dead but a sense of anticipation and fear like slender. We have crafted a game that is frightening to play in single-player and multi-player.

The open alpha is planned for release in a couple of months, and they have just launched a Kickstarter of the game.  The devs go into some detail about what they plan to do with the game, although there is nothing really to see of the game in action yet.

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If you like games where you're scared out of your wits, the Stalked series might be your cup of tea. The game's creator, Hendrik Schiffer, describes them as having an "experimental emotional survival atmosphere", where the player's choices direct the flow of the game. Check out the games at the Stalked Website.

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