Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tesla Breaks the World! Launching on Steam

You take on the role of Nikola Tesla: world's greatest inventor. No big burden right? When a snooping Thomas Edison accidentally damages your most recent invention, Tesla accidentally opens a quantum space tear. Oh dear. Now, you must set out across country, city and laboratory to confront your nemesis and fix this broken world! Blending challenging 2D platforming with puzzle solving, unlockable inventions, 1800's era-Undead and randomly generating level design... and Tesla is in for a bit of an adventure... 


Archetype Global is a part-time indie developer who (thanks to 367 generous Kickstarter Backers) was able fund the development of Tesla Breaks the World! on our nights and weekends for the last 14 months. We're included a 2nd Steam key in case you would like to do a promotion or give-away (or if you just know a big Nikola Tesla fan). 

  • 09/26/2014
  • PC, Mac, Linux

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