Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Stowaway - Indie Survival Horror Game

First, the creepy trailer:

Okay, now something about the game:

Stowaway is a Survival Horror game set to be released on PC.

It takes place on a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker out in the Arctic Circle.

You will explore the large metal bowls of this damaged vessel, using all the resources you can to survive. With limited power and the fuses blown, the ships lights and CCTV systems are mostly non-operational. You will have to rely on your lighter and flashlight for the most part. However some of the cameras and lights are running on backup power so your POD (Portable Observation Device) will come in useful, It will allow you to get glimpses at some of the other areas on the ship, maybe even some useful items, but will help you navigate if you ever get lost. There are still some crew aboard the ship, but they may not be so friendly.

The game is being made by Solar Gates Studio, a small 2 man development team based in the UK. The game has been in development from concept for about 6 months.


The game will be going into its funding period very soon when the playable alpha is released.  More news soon.

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