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Monday, 11 August 2014

You are the Sun and Moon. Unleash your powers of day and night in Blazefall Binalblades!

You are a Binalblade. You have trained for years to harness the power that either the Sun or the Moon provides. One half of a whole. Alone, you're strong and possess a great strength. But you're not alone. You have a partner, an opposite that compliments that which you don't have. Use both the powers of day and night to navigate the deadly and corrupt locations in the land of Xenvola and find out the true reasons behind the dire imbalance that is plaguing the land.

Blazefall Binalblades, scheduled for release in 2015, is a 2d hand drawn, fast paced side-scroller. You play as Vox and Vinyl, a pair from a secretive order known as the Binalblades. Featuring a day and night system, you will have to plan your route carefully, whilst utilising Vox and Vinyl's power of the Sun and Moon to overcome the challenges faced in the many unique levels and intense boss encounters.

The game is in production for PC, Mac and Linux (with a console release being considered!).

“The idea behind the design of Blazefall Binalblades, is opposites and how they compliment each other.” Says Carl Reddington, the game's lead designer. “Things such as light and dark, yin and yang, male and female etc. Because of this, you play as both Vox and Vinyl simultaneously. Switching to the other character with the press of a button. Now that's convenient character swapping!”

Blazefall Binalblades also mixes it's fast paced, action focused game play with a fully voiced cast of characters, to bring it's story to life.

“If you're looking for a game that gives you fast gameplay and keeps you thinking every step of the way, that doesn't skip on giving you a fleshed out story, then hopefully you'll enjoy what we have in production for you!” Says Carl with a smile.

This is the latest game in production by UK based indie developer Enchantainment. Keep an eye out for gameplay footage and the Kickstarter campaign which will be going live in September / October 2014!

Enchantainment is owned and run by Carl Reddington, a one man developer, working with freelancers to bring this latest vision to life.

Blazefall Binalblades is a big step up from the previous game created by Enchantainment, Ghoulish Hijinks, that Carl developed on his own, with help from HernĂ¡n Marandino for the sound effects and music.

For more information on Enchantainment or the games, you can visit the website

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