Friday, 27 June 2014

Tabletop RPG news: The Lost Territories

The Lost Territories is a tabletop RPG being developed by Hard Luck Workshop, with a unique character system, strange powers, and a gorgeous setting. Flintlocks and fireballs, together at last.

GOLDWELL TOWER, Lillenheim City—June 26th, 2014—Hard Luck Workshop announces that it has launched its Kickstarter campaign for The Lost Territories, a new tabletop roleplaying game, which promises great attention to the writing, elevated thematic concerns, and a setting unlike anything else on the market.
Joining the crew are several guest writers of some RPG renown, including Kris Straub (Acquisitions Incorporated, chainsawsuit, Broodhollow, and much more), Michael “ThriftyNerd” DiMauro (Drunks and Dragons podcast), and others to be announced in the next few days.
Hard Luck Workshop is a small collective of literary fiction writers and publishing industry professionals who all happen to share a love of roleplaying games. The group has decided to put its experience and skill
to use in making its own game (with a line of products already planned, should Hard Luck's initial offerings prove successful.) Furthermore, digital versions of some of the game’s related products, including the Player’s Guide, will be made available for free indefinitely.
What most distinctly sets the world of The Lost Territories apart from our own is that large portions of it are in constant flux. These regions—”The Lost Territories”—are continuously born and unmade, the landscape and inhabitants always changing. This is the byproduct of phenomena associated with celestia, a magic-like substance that does not behave nearly as neatly and safely as magic typically does in similar games.
Despite much of the world being inhospitable, people have thrived in stable regions. The main campaign setting's "home city" is the sprawling metropolis of Lillenheim. The campaign setting finds Lillenheim on the verge of a technological and industrial boom; steam and gunpowder are in active use, but a celestia engine
is in development that may change the face of the world. Players will be on the forefront of events that may steer the course of society.

The character creation process is fluid and flexible—you’ll find no set classes, but you’ll also find combina- tions of skills and abilities to create characters unlike anything seen in roleplaying games before. And unlike games in which roleplaying is touted as important but characters are only rewarded for killing monsters, The Lost Territories puts a special focus on a variety of challenges, exploration, and world-building.
(Be sure to check out the stretch goals while you're there.)

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