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Monday, 9 June 2014

Mini-Review - "RefleX"

Well, not really a huge amount to say about this one - RefleX is a vertical shooter which seems to sit halfway between a typical Japanese shooter and a late 80s / early 90s American / European style shooter, with nice visuals, very good music and quite a high challenge level.  I could say more but... really, you already know all you need to.  If you like this sort of game you'll enjoy it, if not, you won't!  For its type of game, it's very well produced.  

Apparently it's the second chapter in one of the most loved Japanese shooter series ever made (apologies, I am terribly ignorant about such things!).  There are some cool fake 3D effects and there don't appear to be any power ups.  Check out the trailer and screens below:

No power-ups it seems, but your basic weapon is pretty impressive anyway.

Stuff explodes.  Lots of stuff.

Ooh look, it's like 3D and stuff! (Actually looks really good in motion.) 
Yeah, I sucked... couldn't even beat the second boss!
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