Thursday, 29 May 2014

Starpoint Gemini 2 – Latest update brings more community desired features

Time for the latest update in the already large series of updates released by Little Green Men Games for their popular Early Access title Starpoint Gemini 2, currently in beta.

“With our regular updates, we really want to show our awesome fans that we’re fully committed to making the game that they want and deserve. Along with our feature plans, we’re always happy to implement something the community has asked for. The chase camera was the next in line.” Oliver Tomic, LGM Games lead programmer

The latest update to the beta stage of the game brings a number of visual and gameplay improvements, and fixes along with German and Russian language packs.

Update v0.7014 highlights:
·         Added the much wanted Chase camera mode that automatically tracks targeted object
·         Leave a nice little [i]gift[/i] for your enemies in the form of the powerful Orpheus mine
·         Knock down incoming heavy weapon projectiles with the Atlas defense field
·         Deploy the SETH platform to aid you in crushing your opponents
·         Physics implemented in the last update receives its first tweak as collisions can now cause damage
·         Replaced several asteroid field models with new and much improved versions
·         Game is now available in German and Russian
·         The Mod Manager gets the wanted tweak to enable updating your mods

The full update change-list can be found on Steam:

New SG2 Screenshots:

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