Friday, 2 May 2014

République: Episode 2 Metamorphosis Available Now On the App Store

Episode 2 Metamorphosis, The second episode of dystopian action-adventure game République is now available on the App store.

Episode 2: Metamorphosis explores the origins of intellectual fascism through the player’s continuing efforts to help a young woman named Hope escape an Orwellian prison. Amid growing intrigue and ever-more-dire consequences, she seeks out the librarian, Señor Luis Octavo (voiced by Marcelo Tubert), a sympathetic mentor whose concern for Hope makes him a target of The Overseer’s wrath. This second installment is both action-oriented and contemplative as the veil over Hope’s eyes is lifted. With the player’s help, she gains a better understanding of her captors and the desperate measures necessary if she is to free herself.

Available in French, German, Spanish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, the second episode République is available for $4.99, £2.99, €4.49, AU$5.49 exclusively on the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at République is also scheduled for release on PC and Mac in 2014. For more information, visit

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