Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ready to fend off an onslaught of magically powered robots? (Of course you are!)

Crystal Reign by Hunted Cow Studios takes the physics-based projectile flinging mechanic that works so well on touch screen devices, and mixes it with the action of arcade style shoot-em-up games. Players get to build a tower from a set of varied and powerful layers, then use to fend off an onslaught of magically powered robots which have unpleasant ideas of how to mingle with people.

Each of the offensive and defensive layers from which the player builds their tower offers different abilities that will help them survive the robots attempts at an apocalypse. Use the Repeater to fire a volley of Arcanite pellets at your foes while using the Hover Shield to block incoming projectiles.

As you progress through Crystal Reign, you unlock more layers and earn the resources to build a bigger and more powerful tower, all while taking on huge bosses that require skill and thinking to overcome.

Key Features:
  • Build your tower from seven varied and powerful layers.
  • Hear the backstory of the world, narrated by Kevin McNally.
  • Take on nine unique mechanical enemies.
  • Vanquish two giant bosses.
  • Three difficulty levels, including a hardcore arcade mode.
  • 28 achievements to be earned.
Crystal Reign is available for the iPad from  iTunes  (age rating 12).

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