Friday, 16 May 2014

Rage Runner - now available on Steam

RAGE RUNNER - the fast paced space racer is now available on Steam!

In Rage Runner you pilot a spaceship down a trench, dodging and weaving obstacles as you fly. It is a race against the clock and you cautiously feather your afterburners to squeeze in as much speed as possible.
As you fly over a power module the ship surges with energy and the energy can be converted into a weapon, a shield or a utility - you choose!
The game is a combination of speed, music and level design combined into a fast-paced 3D adrenaline rush. A perfect performance plays out like a ballet of dubstep synchronized with the movements of your space ship. All levels in Rage Runner are hand-crafted to fit a unique soundtrack, theme and mood.
Hypercane Studios was founded by two brothers, Jake and Zach. Back in 2012 they decided to make a simple loading screen mini-game for one of their mobile apps. The prototype ended up being great fun and so they decided to turn it into a full blown game.
More about the development of Rage Runner can be found in the post mortem:

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