Sunday, 4 May 2014

Make it Indie!

Developers Sometimes You have released their game Make It Indie, now available for PC, Mac and Linux from Desura - and also available for Windows 8 phone.  What seems a little bit of a mystery at the moment is exactly what sort of game it is - the developers describe it as a "video story about making of average indie-game as we see it" along with an optional mini-game.  I'm going to ask the developers to explain things in a bit more detail and will post the reply!  (The trailer isn't really very helpful in this regards either!)

Make it indie! - Teaser Trailer (1080p) - Desura

Okay, here's the answer I got from the dev:

"This game about the choices that confronts indie-developers every day.
  • Make a game or walk with friends?
  • Make a game or watch the next episode of some tv-show?
If you look deeper - this game asks this question to anyone who wants to make something in his life.

It seems I don't answering the question about gameplay, but this game is not about gameplay - it's about the problem. And I hope it's answering it."

So there you go - it's less about gaming, and more about making choices.  These questions certainly resonate with myself and, I suspect, anyone else who's tried to make it as an indie dev!  I'll try to take a look at this sometime and do a review. 

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