Saturday, 3 May 2014

Like Roguelikes? Introducing... "LikeARogue"

LikeARogue is a huge indie project by Ben Ehrlich - especially ambitious considering it will be his debut release.

As with most Roguelikes, the world is randomly generated. In this case the player starts in the middle of a 999x999x999 grid on a big server with all the other players. Each space in the 999 grid is a 50x50 tile room (each tile being 32px). Once a player enters a square, that square is generated and marked 'discovered' - so it's randomly generated, but permanent.

The starting area on the surface is ocean, but as you move further out from the starting location you find forests, deserts, tundra, and fire. If you go down, there is a vast expanse of underground caverns, colonised by dwarfs, goblins, mole people, and little old ladies who will fight you to the ends of the earth. In exploration, the player will come upon mineable gems, temples, harvestable plants, and, of course, bears fighting skeletons.

Ben is on schedule to release LikeARogue on June 8th 2014.  

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