Thursday, 24 April 2014

Let The Cat In - The Cutest Puzzle Game Ever (?)

Eforb Games Studio are looking for support on Steam Greenlight for their game "Who Let The Cat In" - a cute puzzle game about little kitten who went for a walk and couldn't get into his house any more.  The player's task is to arrange all the things and mechanisms inside the kitten's house, by using their brain and imagination for creating fantastic chain reactions, in order to open the door, let cat come in and  reach his favourite basket. Once the aim is reached, it can finally cuddle and fall asleep.  What could be more touching and cute?

The developers say that this is one of the kindest and cutest games ever of the casual arcade, puzzle genre. The idea actually also has its life-based origin. Half of the year ago the author and game designer of the game took home little homeless kitten that he met on the way to his house and that inspired him, game team and Eforb Games Studio for creating Let The Cat In  game.

The game will be available in Google Play and App Store in May 2014. 

Check out the trailer (which is genius!) and the gameplay trailer below.

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