Thursday, 17 April 2014

Indie Gameleon 2014 festival, May 1st through May 4th in Groningen, the Netherlands

The second edition of the Indie Game Development festival of the North of the Netherlands, will be held Thursday, May 1st, through Sunday, May 4th, in Groningen (the Netherlands).

Indie Gameleon is a festival organized by Indie Game developers, for Indie Game developers, Game Design students and Indie Game enthusiasts. The festival includes, but is not limited to: lectures, workshops, Indie Game Showcase, Game Jam and 8-bit dance party. 

The program for Thursday, May 1st, and Friday May 2nd will be all about the conference. You can expect interesting lectures and workshops from experts working at game development schools, as well as from Indie Game Industry professionals We will also host a (free to visit) Indie Game Showcase where game developers from small companies and even “attic developers” will show their games to the public. We will end the Thursday evening with an 8-bit dance party featuring excellent music that is generated from game consoles by artists: xyce, RoccoW and Men of Mega.

Following the two conference days, a Game Jam will be held in the Chapel of the ORKZ. From Friday evening, May 2nd, until Sunday, May 4th, more then 10 teams will compete to build a game in 48 hours based on a theme, that will be disclosed on May 2nd.

For more information visit the Official Website.

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