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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Full Bore: The First Dig - Mini-review

Full Bore: The First Dig is a lovely retro puzzle platformer with a huge game world to explore, tons of secrets to discover, and gameplay that gets challenging quite quickly (at least for someone like myself, who is useless at platformers and also hindered by playing on the keyboard).  It's not an out and out platformer, there's a heavy puzzle element to it, and a good dose of humour when you meet other characters.

The pixel art is fantastic, and the music swaps between guitar-heavy rock and chip music.  It's a game that will enthrall and challenge you for a good long time, especially if you are already fond of puzzle platformers.

Here's the official description from the game's website (it's actually a very good description, and not guilty of blowing its own trumpet):

"Deep underground lies a reminder of Boarkind’s darkest hours. All it takes is one little boar to dig it back up.

A block puzzler with an exploratory twist, Full Bore throws the player into an open world filled with crumbling mines, arcane ruins, and technological wonders with only curiosity to lead the way.  This world is packed to the brim with secrets and hidden rooms, because when everything is made of blocks, puzzles could be anywhere."

This is, I believe, the debut release by Whole Hog Games - and what a debut it is!  The First Dig is the first in a planned series of games.  Original, clever, unique, and yet with a wonderful retro vibe.  It's not really one of my favourite genres but despite that I loved this game.

Full Bore costs $15 from the Official Website (for part 1, reviewed above, plus the second part which is due out by the end of 2014).  It's currently available for PC and Linux.

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