Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ascendant teaser series concludes with a fiery finale

Hapa Games has released the final teaser for their first project, Ascendant, a relentless side scrolling beat ‘em for the PC. The teaser is part of a series titled Divinity or Death. Each piece hints at the player’s likely and frequent demise to the bosses in the game through a variety of means.

It is the third in a series of teasers the studio is releasing as they lead up to the game’s launch date of May 6th, 2014.

Ascendant is the unforgiving beat ‘em up that challenges you with a new world each time you play. It utilizes a number of modern roguelike elements such as permadeath and procedurally generated environments. You are a demigod who invades a plane controlled by your rivals. They will stop at nothing to eliminate you. Only the most impressive warriors will triumph over their armies of zealots and beasts.

By exploring the world, discovering new weapons, spells, and Blessings, and learning how to survive in this brutal realm, you may have a small chance at winning.

•  A New World Each Run: Each playthrough creates a new hazardous land for adventure. You will never know exactly what you’ll encounter in the next room, which hazards will be presented to you, what you will find in a chest, or even (in some cases) which boss you’ll be fighting next.

•  A Brutal Struggle: The armies of your demigod rivals are ruthless and health recovery items are rare. When a foe cuts you with his sword, it hurts. If you slip into a pit of spikes, the blades leave deep wounds. If a bomb explodes nearby you will burn.

•  Loot the Treasures of the Gods: The gods hid their ancient relics in secret caches scattered around the world. Discover unique weapons, spells, and Blessings that grant mighty powers. Double jump, choke your enemies with poisonous clouds, or jolt them to ashes with lightning. Equip and customize your Blessings to determine your own fate.

About Hapa Games

Hapa Games is a small Orlando based studio creating games that have engaging mechanics, a visually stunning aesthetic, and are tough as nails to beat.

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