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Friday, 21 March 2014

UNEPIC Update on Nintendo Wii U (America and Europe)

21th March 2014, BarcelonaSpain EnjoyUp Games and Francisco Téllez de Meneses announce an UNEPIC Update on Nintendo WiiU™ for America and Europe.

The Unepic American version update features:

- New language supported: Italian, German and 
- Zoom on TV
- Play with both Left Stick and D-PAD.
- Change language within the game.
- English Voices can be enabled in other languages.
- A new "stick and poo" wand included.
- Two new pets that can be obtained completing challenges.

The Unepic European version update features:

- New language supported: 
- All other updates mentioned above

Unepic is a mixture of retro platform game, role-playing game game and joke that takes place in a huge castle of medieval fantasy.  

The hero, Daniel, is a normal guy from the modern day - a great videogame player, big lover of sci-fi movies and novice player of role games.  In the middle of a role game with his friends, he is teleported to a castle and he thinks that he is having a massive hallucination.
So he decides to run his own adventure until the hallucination ends.  But it doesn't... maybe it isn't an hallucination after all?


- 2D RPG with 200 rooms to explore
- 7 bosses, 70 spells and 100 weapons
- Funny story and dialogs with references to other films, comic...
- Quests, challenges, achievements and pets.
- Craft your own potions
- 4 levels of difficulty with 3 different ends
- English voices

EnjoyUp Games:

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