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Thursday, 20 March 2014


Birmingham, UK, 19th March, 2014 – Indie adventure game Troll Song is back in production!  The game had been in hiatus for a number of months, with original programmer / artist Tino “Knoodn” Bensing unable to commit to the project long-term.  Shortly before the game’s short demo, available since January 2013, won the Best Demo Award at the 2013 AGS Awards, 2 new team members were recruited to make the trolls sing again.
Joining Writer and Game Designer Dave “CaptainD” Seaman (winner of the Best Demo award 2 years running, after last year’s win with Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots) are Dimitrios "Dualnames" Thanasias-Spanos (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Remake, Downfall, The Cat Lady, Primordia, Resonance) as Programmer and Andrea “AprilSkies” Ferrara , creator of Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barkwell Manor, which received multiple nominations at the AGS Awards 2013 - all the more amazing since it was his debut game!   

Find out a little more about the new team members and see some of the graphics from Donald Dowell that made Andrea a perfect fit for Troll Song here -

Both Dimitrios and Andrea have already done some tremendous work on Troll Song, with some of the evidence viewable here -

The game will now be developed under the Team Disaster label, as per Dave’s other games in the Captain Disaster series of titles, though the demo will remain under the LEM Studios label.  Troll Song is planned for release towards the end of 2014, depending on the circumstances of the individual team members and successful (or not!) attempts to gain funding.  Previously planned as an episodic game, Troll Song will now be developed and released as a full-length adventure game.

Although the full game will be a commercial release, Verse One – a short but complete game (though obviously only the first part of the full storyline) – will still be released as freeware.  Troll Song aims to be a unique game while still bringing back strong memories of beloved LucasArts adventure game classics.  The game uses a 6-verb interface with a trollish slant.


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