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Thursday, 13 March 2014

TBS Veterans Kickstart Classic TBS Dukes of War on iOS and Android

TBS Veterans Band Together to Kickstart Classic Turn-Based Strategy Gaming on iOS and Android

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Undead-Ridden Tablet TBS Dukes of War
Hanover, Germany – 12 March 2014: TBS veteran developers have joined hands to revive the old-school fun of turn-based strategy classics in an all-new exciting experience, Dukes of War, on iOS and Android. Today the studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign ( for the upcoming turn-based strategy title, which is to hit tablets worldwide in full English and German in fall 2014.

Dukes of War is a turn-based strategy game set in a gritty fantasy world ruled by the Dukes and rampaged by the undead. A tribute to old-school gameplay of turn-based strategy classics such as Battle Isle, Panzer General and Heroes of Might and Magic enhanced with new features, a bigger scope, and easy access on tablets, Dukes of War makes for a timeless, enjoyable gaming experience.

“With experience on several hit TBS titles such as Anno and The Settlers, we have come together to combine our strengths and passion for the genre in a new revolutionary TBS title entirely our own,“ said Seçkin Ölmez, lead designer of Dukes of War. “Like many others, in order to preserve our independent freedom we have decided not to go with a publisher for Dukes of War, but with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign instead, to try and speed up development for a release this fall.”

To join the Dukes of War crowdfunding campaign, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page here:

For more information and the latest Dukes of War news, please visit the official website:
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About Dukes of War
When Prince Desmond lost his life in the Last Battle - his fatal attempt to overthrow King Eldric II – it seemed as though heroes were a thing of the past, never to walk this world again. All Dukes, including you, had been dismissed from the military service to the king, as they were no longer trusted. Now, a new threat has risen – from the dead, and only the Dukes of War and their armies are able to put a stop to the advance of these hellish creatures. In a fight for your redemption, you need to be ready to fight off the hordes of Undead.

Dukes of War features over 90 unique units, each with their own special ability. Choose between two distinct armies and recruit mighty heroes in the course of a branching story supported by a compelling soundtrack. Lead your armies to victory over the Undead forces on various maps, including ancient dark forests, slippery slopes and volcanic islands. The intuitive controls on iOS and Android devices guarantee a unique TBS gameplay experience like never before.

Key features
  • Classic turn-based strategy enhanced with new gameplay features for iOS and Android
  • Over 90 units and two completely different Dukes as avatars
  • Each Duke is part of the game and playable as a single powerful unit
  • Compelling soundtrack by award winning composer Jonathan vd Wijngaarden
  • Choose between different paths and discover new maps every time you play
  • Experience beautifully animated 2D Graphics and various different island settings
  • Conquer and defend impressive fantasy buildings and properties
  • Explore the map to find gold, allies and artifacts
For more information about Dukes of War, please visit the official website

About Mosaic Mask Studio
Mosaic Mask is a Hanover-based independent developer founded in 2010. Mosaic Mask Studio consists of developers who all have extensive experience in the gaming and have combined their strengths to share their gaming vision with the world. With great passion and enthusiasm they deliver high quality gaming experiences.

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