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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Guest Post - Should Your Child Play Classic Games?

If you have been a gaming enthusiast, you will have noticed how the gaming industry has evolved in the past few years.  However, most enthusiasts still have a soft spot for classic games, and wish to introduce their kids or nephews to them - not only because you want to introduce them to the games that you played as a youngster, but also because you know how these games did, in fact, both change and educate you.

Games such as Spacewar and Mario Bros may not be played as much as Angry Birds and Minecraft these days.  Games like NHL '94, Sim City and Civilization may not be appreciated by kids today as they don't have high definition graphics etc.  But I feel that they should – indeed, must - be introduced to today’s children to aid their overall development.  

Confused? Read on…

The older games taught one most important qualities anyone can learn - patience.  Gamers today get easily annoyed if it takes them a long time to finish a game or complete a level.  On the other hand classic games, despite often being very difficult, are also so engaging that players are not so impatient.  The other thing that classic games often teach is problem-solving.  These games help children (and indeed adults) to think logically, and often to process large amounts of data.

Classic games also frequently place a large importance on strategy.  You need to set a goal and try with all your might to achieve it.  Players get an instant feedback on the decisions they made, and they quickly learn their own weaknesses and strengths.

If you are looking for classic video games but worried about their cost, then one way to reduce the cost is by using coupon sites.  One such site is where you can find discount codes to buy classic video games for affordable prices.  This is an excellent opportunity to introduce your children to the games that you grew up playing and enjoying – and of course you can relive your childhood as you show them how to play them!

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