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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bill Tiller adventure Perils of Man hits App Store for free

Chapter One of ex-LucasArts Bill Tiller Co-Designed
iOS Adventure Perils of Man Now Available for Free

Originally Commissioned Production Finds Way Back to Indie Creators
Zurich, Switzerland – March 11, 2014: Swiss indie studio IF Games today launched the first chapter of the eagerly awaited iOS adventure Perils of Man, which was co-designed by an astonishing lineup of industry veterans headed by ex-LucasArts’ designer Bill Tiller and 1954:Alcatraz developer Gene Mocsy.Perils of Man: Chapter 1 is now available for free in the iOS App Store (

In Perils of Man: Chapter 1, you step into the shoes of captivating teenager Ana Eberling for the first time. Thrown into a hidden world of time-travel, global catastrophe and personal triumph, she uncovers a lost technology with the potential to eliminate the uncertainties of life. Ana rapidly finds herself in over her head, navigating a series of predicaments both dangerous and bizarre.

The commercial release of the full game will follow in Q2 2014, but the game was not always intended to launch as such. “What began as commissioned work back in 2012 has turned into an extraordinary endeavor for our tiny studio,” says CEO Philipp Z√ľnd, co-founder of IF Games. “Sponsorship set the foundation for us to create an amazing world, and we are excited to expand Perils of Man beyond the original scope and goals with our newly acquired freedom that comes from being an independent studio.”
IF Games built upon the original production and further invested in development. Nathan Ornick, producer and co-founder of IF Games, says, “IF Games took the initiative to add a huge expansion of content and has funded platform development beyond the iPad to make the game available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, with more platforms yet to be announced.” Originally intended to be a free release, these further developments have prompted IF Games to release Perils of Man as their first commercial iOS game.

The Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, praises IF Games for the development of a new type of adventure game. “Perils of Man deals with interactive storytelling in a very ambitious way and breaks new grounds on how to tell a story. IF Games took the artistic and entrepreneurial risk to cross borders between genres such as film, animation and games, setting a new benchmark for interactive fiction.”

Optimized for touch-native interaction and carefully balanced for challenging both newcomers and fans of the genre on iPad, iPhone and iPod, the full version of Perils of Man will offer a complete game experience without any in-app purchases.

To start playing Perils of Man: Chapter 1 for free, visit the iOS App Store:

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