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Thursday, 20 February 2014

ATARI forces Industry Entertainment to change the name of their upcoming space game.

In Belgrade, February 20th 2014 - ATARI Interactive Inc. has requested Industry Entertainment (, a small independent game production studio, to change the name of its upcoming game ASTROIDS: Space Game of the Year (

Industry Entertainment agrees to accept ATARI’s request, which leaves it without the name for its upcoming space video game. Thus a mini competition for choosing the new game name has been organized. Everybody is welcome to suggest the new name at or send the suggestion to .

Ex-ASTROIDS is a 3D space video-game where player in its spaceship has to shoot everything that's standing on its way. In a manner of the best visual games, this is a spacecraft with lasers, rockets and other weapons in a space combat. Defending himself from asteroids that are flying around, player has to take care of explosions, asteroid particles and other spaceships. Player can only count on his own reflexes, speed, weapon destruction power and the shield to protect himself. The game is currently in development. It will be released initially for PC later this year.

Game website:
Development blog:

About Industry Entertainment
Industry Entertainment is the small independent software label dedicated for publishing games and software for mobile and desktop market. Industry Entertainment is best known for games such as MONSTA, Jack BBQ, Master Kick and Table Football XL.

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